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Monstra mihi pecuniam!

The story of the month has to be the scandal mentioned two weeks ago regarding the Hedge Fund Manager and the Prostitutes.

It's been filling our papers for weeks, and is the sex harassment case between Canadian Jordan Wimmer against multimillionaire hedge fund manager Mark Lowe.

Here's just a small selection of the many headlines worldwide:

Investment firm at centre of £4m sex discrimination case 'paid £11000 tax in 2007' – Telegraph.co.uk
Why are payouts so unfair? – Guardian.co.uk
£4m claim woman Jordan Wimmer 'was scared of boss' – Metro
City executive Jordan Wimmer 'believed boss had hired a Russian hit-man – Telegraph.co.uk
Mark's Angels: The three glamorous women hired by millionaire financier 'to – Daily Mail
Sex emails and 'blonde' jibe led to £4m claim – Irish Independent
Discrimination isn't always so photogenic – Guardian.co.uk 
British banker Jordan Wimmer feared ex-boss Mark Lowe wanted to have her – NEWS.com.au
Canadian exec in UK sues boss for sex discrimination Telegraph-Journal
DiManno: Life is so dis-tressing for blonds Toronto Star
City executive in stiletto harassment case 'denied bonus over tax inspection Telegraph.co.uk
Blonde Suing Hedgie Was One Of Three "Mark's Angels" The Business Insider
City exec in £4m sex discrimination case claims bonus withheld over tax PersonnelToday.com
Brit boss sued by Mississauga woman sent lewd e-mail: Intern Toronto Sun
'He served me up like a piece of meat', ex-sales executive tells tribunal guardian.co.uk
£100million hedge fund boss denies hiring hitman to kill employee in 'sex bias Daily Mail
City sex discrimination case: full-figured comments sparked feelings of self Telegraph.co.uk
Boss 'took escorts to meetings' BBC News 
City boss told executive how he loved 'exotic' Asian women Metro

Nothing like sex and drugs and banking to create headlines … but the piece that has had the most coverage in the last couple of days is the use of Latin by Mark Lowe, the Hedge Fund Manager.

Several papers have run full page analysis of his use of Latin in fact, with the best piece appearing in the Telegraph yesterday:

Ariane Gordji, a young woman seeking work experience, had asked Mr Lowe, an
Oxford classics graduate, the meaning of: "Ego autem dico vobis:
diligite inimicos vestros, benefacite his qui oderunt vos."

It's actually from the New Testament (Matthew 5:44) and means, "But I say
to you: love your enemies; be kind to those who hate you."

Mr Lowe
didn't bother with a translation and instead answered with a chunk of
Carmina (Latin from the first century A.D.), which is so sexually
explicit that it wasn't openly published in English until the late 20th

Irrumabo vos et pedicabo vos," wrote Mr Lowe, before kindly
adding, "It's Catullus, not very polite."

Too right, it's not polite; in fact it's so rude that the English translation
still can't be printed in a family newspaper."

Read the Telegraph to find out more about Catullus and yes, it's quite explicit.

Oh my … and there's me being all for the status quo

In fact, this clip from the HBO Series Rome shows that nothing much has changed in 2,000 years (warning of explicit language)


Oh yes, and in case you were wondering, Monstra mihi pecuniam! means Show me the Money!

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