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BBVA: Bank 2.0 minus 1

I blogged a while ago about the discovery of BBVA's wonderful Tu Cuentas (You Count!) service.

The reason I loved it, is that it is the first bank to really push the boundaries of mobile internet with customisable budgeting tools and alerts …

BBVA aggreg

MINT-style comparision of usage, so that you could be advised of financial deals that people like you take advantage of …

BBVA recommender 

Aggregation capabilities to act as a trusted portal to all your financial accounts …

BBVA aggreg1 

The ability to break this into functionality that suits your lifestyle via widgets …

BBVA widgets

And all available on a range of iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and other mobile services …

BBVA mobiles 


They've gone a step further since then, and placed a nice little demo on YouTube …

As well as building a loverly little Facebook page all linked up with Tu Cuentas.

BBVA facebook

They've reinvented the ATM and done lots of other good things too.

So why the "minus 1".

The blog.

BBVA website

They have a blog.

Normally, I would be ecstatic.

Banks don't blog enough.

And to have one that does is fantastic.

So what's the problem?

BBVA warning
BBVA ban

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  • Looks like they are making some solid progress…
    Good to see banks experimenting with the engagement model across multi-channel.
    Brett King
    Author – BANK 2.0