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All of SIBOS 2011 …

For those who are that interested, here are all the blog entries made during the week at SIBOS in one place …


SIBOS 2011 – what will be the big themes? 
We should be talking about risk.

And so SIBOS begins 
First impressions.

Brett King launches Movenbank at #sibos #innotribe 
Brett King, author of Bank 2.0, is launching a new bank based upon facebook and gaming,

Gartner and #innotribe get social 
The key tech themes of mobile, social, big data and cloud are consistent.

Citigroup's keynote at #Sibos … nil points 
Sorry to my friends at Citi, but I was seriously underwhelmed by John Havens, COO for Citigroup's speech.

I said RMB, not Rumba 
Lots of opening thoughts seem to be focused upon China and the importance of the Remnimbi.

Banks wasting billions on inefficient clearing 
In today's keynote plenary, it's clear that banks are spending at least $20bn on clearing and settlement … and wasting a large part of it.

Rogue traders and big data 
The innotribe stream discussed lots of things, but the link between rogue traders and big data made me wake up.

Operatic arias and sigh boats 
A summary of the day two evening, including awaking to find the eurozone is melting down!

Video: the Future of Money 
The innotribe team made a special video on the future of money … here it is.

Banks should build their business models as APIs 
According to one speaker at the morning session on new economies, banks should just throw their functionality out to the community as APIs.

Growth will come through regulatory arbitrage 
The second plenary big debate was a corker, especially when all the banks admitted that they would have to look for regulatory arbitrage as it's in their shareholder's interests.

The #innotribe startup challenge final – here we go! 
200 companies applied for the innotribe startup challenge.  The two winners get $50,000 each.  Here's a review of the ten finalists.

SWIFT's strong commitment to innovation 
Lazaro Campos is clearly 100% committed to innovation with SWIFT.

The Future of Facebook 
The premiere of a video and an amazing statistic that facebook credits are processing $50 billion a year.

Banks must learn how to do regulation and innovation 
Banks seem to focus more on regulation than innovation.  They must learn to deal with both in equal order.

#innotribe drums drown out short-sighted journo 
The funniest moment of SIBOS 2011 as the drums are told to keep quiet.

And so SIBOS ends … until next year 
A closing session with Brett King, the SWIFT leadership and Osaka beckons.

Reflections on SIBOS 2011 
This year's SIBOS had a certain smell to it … do you know what it is?


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