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#innotribe at #sibos 2011

I've been invited to SIBOS this year to be a “professional challenger” in the innotribe stream.  I interpret this as being a “professional troublemaker”, which I’m very good at, but they reinterpreted this to the more acceptable terminology to get the management team buy-in.

No worries.

By now, if you’ve been to SIBOS before you should know what innotribe is but, just in case, it’s the stream dedicated to innovation.  If it was called “the innovation stream” it might be more obvious but, being innovative, that’s way too obvious so hey, we’re the innotribe.


What does innotribe do? 

It basically tries to catch the next year disruptions in banking and make them known this year.  So, by way of example, we’ve been looking at all the stuff around mobile, cloud computing, social networks and such like for the past two years.

Then, when something becomes more mainstream, it moves out of innotribe and into the mainstream SIBOS agenda.

That’s why Cloud and Mobile are now in the main SIBOS agenda whilst innotribe has moved on to look at other areas around Social Data and Collaboration, Big Data and Digital Identity. The program is also going to study non-technology topics this year as trends in society, geography and politics play as much of a role in innovation as technology does, if not more so.  That’s why there are new areas looking specifically at Corporate Culture and New Economies as part of the program.

The program has a great list of contributors too.

The list is too long to have everyone here but includes friends Venessa Meimis, Brett King, Sean Park, Dan Marovitz, Pol Navarro and James Gardner, alongside folks like:

  • Antonio F. Benjamin, Global Chief Technology Officer at Citi;
  • Darrell MacMullin, MD for PayPal Canada;
  • Howard Lindzon, CEO of Stocktweets;
  • Michael Chiu, a Senior Fellow with McKinsey;  
  • Shamir Karkal, CFO with Banksimple;
  • Tom LaForge, Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights, The Coca-Cola Company; and
  • Tony Fish, AMF Ventures, Author of “My Digital Footprint”.

From that list, you can see we’re heavily skewed towards new ideas, disrutpoins and innovation moments and that’s not even including the core innotribe team of Peter Vander Auwera, Konstantin (Kosta) Peric, Matteo Rizzi and Mariela Atanassova.

Should be a good group and theme this year.

Oh, finally one other thing worth knowing. 

The $100K Start-up Challenge.

The $100K Start-up Challenge is a new idea and will introduce the most promising FinTech and Financial Services start-ups to SWIFT’s community.  On September 21st, 10 finalists selected from over 100 applicants will present to an invitation-only audience of decision makers with two of those companies each presented a check for $50,000 in front of the SIBOS main audience the day after.

Who will win I wonder?

Here are the shortlisted ten:

BillShrink’s StatementRewards creates transaction-based services to deliver a win-win-win scenario for financial institutions, merchants and consumers. View Application

Cellfony offers the first anti-malware mobile payment and card reader solution that makes a mobile payment wallet and card reader as simple and secure as a chip and PIN. View Application

ChangeIt automates online charitable giving by offering donors a simple and secure way to donate small change to their favourite charitable causes with every debit and credit transaction. View Application

Duo Security’s two-factor authentication is the simplest and safest way to secure any Internet login or transaction and prevent online fraud and account takeover.View Application

FaceCash completely replaces plastic payment cards, letting you pay with your phone and sign with your face. View Application

GuardTime's software generated keyless signatures provide a provable audit trail for electronic data including proof of time, origin and integrity. View Application

miiCard’s user-centric federated identity solution serves as a digital passport, enabling pure online validation that proves “you are who you say you are” View Application

SynerScope is the fastest, easiest way to visualize relationships in Big Data event records including web traffic, payment transactions, mobile call records, IRC logs.View Application

TransferWise is a better way of exchanging currency, allowing you to avoid banks and brokers save the 5% commission they usually collect. View Application

Wave Accounting offers ridiculously easy online accounting for small businesses.View Application

All in all, SIBOS and innotribe will be a key place to be this year so … be there.


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