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#innotribe drums drown out short-sighted journo

The funniest moment of the week had to be the final #innotribe celebration and summary.

The session began with The Drum Cafe coming out again, as they did at the start of the week, and giving us a bit of inspiration.

Interestingly, we were all given drums – everyone in the room – and we all drummed along for fun with The Drum Cafe.


Unfortunately, being a smaller non-soundproofed conference room, this seriously pissed off the Conference Room 2 guys next door who were debating: “Market infrastructures: new principles for financial market infrastructure markets, the expectedcresponse to better mitigate risks”.

You can imagine that someone was talking about DTCC and LCH.Clearnet or something, and interoperability, whilst next door there are all of these whoops, yells and yee-haa’s, as we all banged our drums … as loud as we could.

So funny.

Especially as the innotribe organisers were then sweating themselves, as the news came through that innotribe would be closed down if they didn’t shut the noise.

So my friend Matteo then had to keep telling everyone to quiet down, and The Drum Cafe had to give their first drum inspiration session by asking everyone to drum as quietly as possible.

It didn’t work.

We all carried on drumming loudly .. until they came and took our drums off us.


Funniest thing about the whole session is that we were then given innotribe t-shirts saying: “what’s the worst that could happen … they could fire us?” as an earlier tweet from the #innotribe had said.


At least it meant the innotribe drums drowned out the short-sighted journo’s, who covered the future of money session this morning and got it totally wrong when they felt that Citibank knocked the stuffing out of the Bank 2.0 crowd.

Perhaps, as Guardwise and Truaxis won the startup challenge, Banksimple and Movenbank moved into reality, and Bitcoin and Ven along with facebook credits build alternative, virtual economies, we'll see Citibank and others becoming the infrastructures underneath these Bank 2.0 worlds.

Having said that, I do concede that Citi's announcement of launching payment processing as an API, which is what they're doing with Google Wallet and potentially with Apple and others, is big news.

So maybe Citi are a Bank 1.99.

Ah well … off to the final session of the day and a keynote from my colleague and co-conspirator, Brett King, who is definitely a Banker 2.0.


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  • Carol Realini

    Great entry – I wish I had been there for the drumming.
    Regarding the tweets implying Citi winning banking 2.0…We need to change the conversation, focus on consumers winning through rich ecosystem of existing financial service providers, mobile operators and platforms, and innovators.

  • Chris Skinner

    totally agree with you Carol