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A Hugh MacLeod, Gaping Void special

At this year's SIBOS, the cartoonist Hugh MacLeod appeared etching and sketching.

Hugh is a humourous guy who runs the website Gaping Void that gets over two million unique visitors monthly.

I was lucky enough to have Hugh produce a work of humour for the Financial Services Club and the Finanser blog so, here it is:

We love it.  After all we do call the Club a drinking place for bankers lol and, as you can see, we've now added the cartoon as a badge emblem for the Blog.

Anyways, we're sure you'll see more of this and Hugh in the future and if you want some more now, here's more about Hugh:

Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist, who makes his living mostly drawing“Cube Grenades” for clients and  publishing fine art prints via the internet. His first book, “Ignore Everybody” is published by Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin.

Also known for his ideas about how “Web 2.0″ affects advertising and marketing, after a decade of working as an advertising copywriter, Hugh started blogging atgapingvoid.com in 2001. He first started off just publishing his cartoons, but as time wore on he started blogging about his other main interest i.e. marketing.

In 2004 he wrote “Ignore Everybody” and “The Hughtrain”, which both got widely read in the blogosphere, downloaded over million times in total.

In 2005 he scored his first major blog marketing success with EnglishCut.com, a blog he started with Savile Row tailor, Thomas Mahon. It tripled Thomas’ sales within six months.

Since mid-2006 Hugh has also been helping a small South African winery,Stormhoek “rise above the clutter” in the wine market by using Web 2.0 tools to get the word out. Sales have gone up fivefold since then, thanks to Hugh’s marketing efforts.

Since 2006 Hugh has been constantly engaged as a public speaker, giving talks in both Europe and the US, talking about Web 2.0 and the ramifications it has on business.

Hugh’s basic mantra about blog and Web 2.0 marketing is “It’s a good way to make things happen indirectly”, a point lost on many corporate types.


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