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The Finanser’s Week: 1st October – 7th October 2012

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Our biggest stories of the past week are ... 

and rumpy pumpy

A while ago David Birch, he of the geek #1
fame, said to me that all new forms of commerce are created by games, girls and
gambling, and the more I think about it, the more true I see this...

few billion reasons for attending #innotribe, Osaka

It’s getting nearer
and nearer to Osaka and SIBOS, so it’s time for a SIBOS Osaka blog entry.  I’m attending as part of the innotribe
stream.  Innotribe is in its fourth year
at SIBOS, and has matured from a sideshow sect to a mainstream part of the
conference.  Having said that, I still
get people asking me “what’s an innotribe” and “should I attend”?  The answer is ...

brands falling (again)

Interbrand published
their Global Top Brands report yesterday,
which makes for interesting reading.  The
world’s most valuable brand is still Coca-Cola, followed closely by Apple and
IBM.  American Express is the top
financial brand in 24th place, 23rd last year.  JPMorgan comes in at a respectable 32nd,
although that’s four down from last year’s 28th

bank is the biggest winner and loser?

There’s a great
interactive review of investment banking markets on the Financial Times
today.  The chart compares the fortunes
of ten investment banks: Bank of America; Barclays; Citi; Credit Suisse;
Deutsche; Goldman Sachs; JPMorgan; Morgan Stanley; Royal Bank of Scotland; and

No Flippin' Chance (or why contactless is a dead tech)

The world is a
wonderful place, as times shift fast and things turn faster than an egg on a
timer.  Just as you get used to one
technology, another comes along and turns things on its head.  What technology do we mean?  NFC.  Near Field Communication.  NFlippin' Chance.


The major general news stories of the past week include ... 

Banks Pull Out of Meetings in Japan (including SIBOS)
- Wall Street

Japan's territorial dispute with China
appears to be spilling onto the stage of global finance meetings. Several big
Chinese banks say they've canceled participation in the high-profile annual
meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to be held in Tokyo
next week as well as in the constellation of events taking place alongside.

banks face hardest hit from ringfencing
- Financial Times

More than a dozen of Europe’s largest
lenders will face a costly upheaval if the EU implements trading restrictions
proposed in the Liikanen review 

currency: Brave new world or criminal haven?

Brave new world or a blessing for criminals 

focused on union rather than breaking up banks
- Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Experts may recommend
this week that European banks should separate retail banking from their riskier
investment arms to make them safer and soften the impact of financial crises.

banking by numbers
- Financial Times

How has the industry changed since the
financial crisis? 

banker faces £3m insider trading charge
- The Independent

Four men, including one of the most senior
bankers in the City, were charged yesterday with insider trading by the leading
finance watchdog.

banker elected London Lord Mayor
- Financial Times

Roger Gifford will take time out from his
position as UK head of a Swedish bank when he takes up the 800-year-old post in

Report Examines The Costs Of Making Payments In The EU
- Payments News

A new report released by the European
Central Bank (ECB) analyses the social and private costs of making retail
payments in 13 European countries and discovers that they are substantial,
amounting to around €45 billion, or almost 1% of their combined GDP. If
extrapolated to cover the 27 Member States

bankers warned: repent or go to jail
- The Independent

Britain's new chief financial policeman has
issued a stark message to the City of London: "We have barely got

Re staff put trip to Jamaican swingers' hotel on expenses
- The

The world's largest reinsurer has revealed
employees put a trip to a swingers' hotel in Jamaica on company expenses when
it published the results of an internal audit on a public website.



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