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The Finanser’s Week at #SIBOS

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This week was dedicated to SIBOS, the annual SWIFT tradeshow, conference, exhibition and all around banker's jamboree.  Here's a summary of the whole week:

to SIBOS 2012

So here we are, a few of us anyway, at SIBOS 2012 in Osaka, Japan.

Morning impressions in the land of the rising sun

The theme of SIBOS this year is definitely going to be about Asia and,
specifically, Japan.

The four principles of innovation for banks

The first main session of the day just finished and was entitled:
“The Tribe on the Tatami”, which delivered a clear message
about the key principles for innovation in banks.

#SIBOS 2012 - where are the people?

After a brief tour of the exhibit hall, it was clear that most people
are not there ....

future of money

Now I know where all the people are … they’re in the conference!

cyberthreats really a threat?

Summary of the panel discussion about cyberthreats to the banking
system with:
David Bannatyne, Executive GM, Banking & Payments Systems, National
Australia Bank;
Mark Clancy, MD, Technology Risk Management, DTCC; and
Srood Sherif, Group Chief Information Officer, National Bank of Abu Dhabi

big growth markets are in Asia

Summary of the plenary debate about how power is shifting to Asia's
emerging markets with:
Nobuyuki Hirano, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
KV Kamath, Chairman, ICICI Bank Ltd
Simon Tay, Chairman , Singapore Institute of Intern. Affairs

and exhibitionists

A tour of the exhbition and a discovery of one stand that was mourning
the exit of 10,000 colleagues.

Forget standards, you'll never have one

A non-banker looks at our industry, call us childish and relates a
story about how we just can never agree so get over it.

will the European markets infrastructures look like in 2020

A strong discussion about the implications of regulations on collateral
management and clearing with:

Florence Fontan, Head of Public Affairs, BNP Paribas Securities Services;
Mark Gem, Member of the Executive Board, Clearstream Banking Luxembourg;
Joël Mérère, Executive Director, Euroclear France;
Jochen Metzger, and Member of the T2S Board and Head of the Department
Payments and Settlement Department, Deutsche Bundesbank;
Takeshi Shirakami, Director, Head of BOJ-NET Service Design Group,
Payment and Settlement Systems Division, Payment and Settlement Systems
Department, Bank of Japan;
Coen Voormeulen, Division Director, De Nederlandsche Bank

transaction banking survive in this age of regulation?

A fantastic debate about regulatory change with:

David Wright, Secretary General of IOSCO, the International
Organization of Securities Commissions.
Jaspal Singh Bindra, Group Executive Director & Chief Executive
Officer, Asia, Standard Chartered
Barbara Ridpath, CEO, International Centre for Financial Regulation
Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi, CEO Transaction Services, Citi

SWIFT had to bring along 52 kilometres of cabling

The challenges of doing business in Japan.

NFC has been strangled at birth

A debate about mobile payments with

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, Business Product and Development, Commonwealth
Bank of Australia
Dan Schatt, GM Financial Innovations, PayPal
Dr Kiyoyuki Tsujimura, President and CEO, DOCOMO Engineering Inc
And chaired by the Asian Banker CEO, Emmanuel Daniel.

for a better world

A discussion of how to make banking work for the good of the people and
the economy with:

Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chairman of the Yunus Centre and the founder
of Grameen Bank;
Julius O. Akinyemi, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology;
Kartik Kaushik, Managing Director, Global Head of Business Development,
Citi; and
Carolyn Stephens, Professor (PhD, FFPH, IFRSM) , Universidad Nacional
de Tucuman/UCL.

15 most innovative firms providing banking solutions

The fifteen companies vying to win SWIFT's award for the most innovative
financial technology of 2012.

Yunus: how to end poverty forever

Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder of microfinance with Grameen
Bank, gives delegates an inspirational speech.  Here it is in full
(near enough).

Can you imagine your bank advertising like this? 

Japan has so much culture, tradition, beauty and … downright weirdness. I spent the weekend in Tokyo and noticed lots of wonderful sights: kimonos, kabuki, maple trees and such like. Then there is the night life, the lights, the music and the karaoke. Then there are their banks ... 

Dodd-Frank (and EMIR): the unintended consequences 

I was going to write one final piece about Japan, on a more serious note, as the SIBOS week really brought home to me the fact that there is a two speed financial world being regulated under one regulatory agenda....

lighter side of SIBOS Osaka

Some of the funnier moments of the week.

best giveaways of SIBOS 2012

What goodies could you have bagged this week at SIBOS?

What really happened at the SIBOS closing party? 

I’ve gotten into this habit of using the SIBOS closing party to do something a little bit on the edge. Controversial, but meant to be funny. Last year I was the world’s hottest banker and this year I was...

Sayonara Osaka

The end of busy week in Japan, and a regulatory agenda is top of mind.


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