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Meet Britain’s Greatest Fraudster

Tony Sale


On 18th April, the Financial Services Club will host Britain's Greatest Fraudster, Tony Sales.

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Tony was one of the UK’s most wanted criminals.

On the run for over six years, he stole an estimated £30 million from retailers in online and instore scams, as well as running an organised fraud operation that ruthlessly and systematically exploited the weaknesses of its retailer targets.

These activities led him to be branded “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster” by The Sun.

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Now a reformed character, Tony Sales is identifying opportunities for fraud and has found that online trading has brought twice as many opportunities for the fraudster and made it easier to commit fraud today than ever before.

For example, Tony is an expert on
financial fraud around credit cards, asset financing, mortgage fraud and
banking. Only the other day he romped through the security systems of a well
known high street bank and demonstrated how easy it is to open a bank account in minutes using fake ID.

He had the bank's
permission to try, but they were still shocked at how easy it was. And of
course a fake bank account on the black market is worth about £30,000.  Not bad
for 10 minutes work.

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The fundamental reason why fraud is so simple is that those engaged in the battle to defeat fraud are fundamentally honest people. They may have an understanding of how fraudsters go about their work, or even come into contact with them through their professions, but unless you have actually seen the world through the eyes of a criminal it is impossible to fully understand how he thinks and to anticipate his moves.

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In this evening’s presentation, Tony will share his latest findings which conclude that online retail has become a “fraudster’s paradise” and will show how fraudsters select their targets and commit their crimes. This is not theory. Tony will be actively demonstrating how fraudsters pick apart online systems and then ruthlessly target a retailer over and over again; often taking them for hundreds of thousands, or even millions of pounds over perhaps a six week period, before moving on to their next scam.

His cross-over from elite criminal to top level consultant, trusted by the inner sanctum of banking and retail with their most sensitive information, has been remarkable.  Now he is retained by some of the biggest retail operations in Europe, and has advised businesses with total sales of more than £10 Billion per annum.  

If you want to meet him, then register.

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