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Wake me up before September ends

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It’s August and September is imminent.

What happens in September?

The Financial Services Club begins its new season of


The world starts preparing for the end of summer / start of
summer, dependent upon which hemisphere you live in?


Green Day wake up?

Probably not.

Anything else?

Urmmm … oh yes, SIBOS happens.

It’s early this year and in Dubai which, for all intensive purposes,
is now defined as Europe.

It is a first actually, but shows the nature of SWIFT’s global
ambitions that SIBOS has always been located in Europe at least once every
three years.  The show took place in
Japan and Canada the last two years but, in a break with tradition and for the
first time in this third year, the show is in Dubai.

Just in case you’re wondering 2014 is Boston and 2015 is
Singapore, so here was are in Dubai, Europe.

The show is 34 days, 23 hours and 34 minutes away from
starting* (nice numbers btw), and there’s a great list of speakers lined up,

  • Abdul aziz Al Ghurair , CEO, Mashreq Bank
  • Alawi Al-Shurafa , Treasurer, Saudi Chevron
  • Anand Pande , Global Head of Trade , RBS
  • Dave Gray , Author, The Connected Company
  • David Cracknell , Global Head of Sanctions Compliance,
    Standard Chartered Bank
  • Diane Reyes , Global Head of Payments and Cash Management,
  • Ebru Pakcan , Global Head of Payments, Citi
  • Goolam Ballim , Chief Economist, Head: Standard Bank
    Research, Standard Bank Group
  • Gottfried Leibbrandt , Chief Executive Officer, SWIFT
  • Henrik Koch , Global Head of Financial Anti Crime, Nordea
  • Javier Santamaria , Chairman, European Payments Council
  • Jean-Michel Godeffroy , Director General, Chairman of the
    T2S Board, European Central Bank
  • Jennifer Boussuge , Head of Global Transaction Services,
    EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • John Christensen , Assistant Treasurer, New Ventures and
    Products, eBay
  • Mircea Mihaescu , Director, IT Strategy, Technology
    Innovation, Venture Capital at Sberbank, Russian Federation
  • Murali Subramanian , EVP, Head Transaction Banking Group,
    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Osama Al Rahma , General Manager, Al Fardan Exchange
  • Patrick Murck , General Counsel, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Rodger Voorhies , Director, Financial Services for the Poor,
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Satoru Yamadera , Director, Head of International
    Standardization Group, Center for Information Technology Stuides, Institute for
    Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan
  • Serdar Guner , Director, Supervision, Dubai Financial
    Services Authority
  • Shashank Srivastava , Chief Executive Officer and Board
    Member, Qatar Financial Centre
  • Vince Voron , Vice President, Executive Creative Director,
    Dolby Marketing Studio
  • Werner Steinmueller , Managing Director and Head of Global
    Transaction Banking and Member of the Group Executive Committee , Deutsche Bank
  • Xingrong(Leonard) Zhang , Head of Banking Research, Bank of

This is just a short selection of a few of the speakers this
year of which I am one, by the way. For a full list, just have a look at
SWIFT’s SIBOS website.

The session I’m engaged in is part of innotribe and opens
the show on the Monday morning with a focus upon the future of money.

Here’s the lowdown:

Innotribe opening plenary: The future of Money, the
evolution of business models

Since Sibos Toronto in 2011, the "Future of Money"
has become a standard fixture of the Innotribe programme. With standing room
only at Sibos Osaka, this session is a perfect way to open our programme – the
first stop on our journey together.

Our industry is being challenged by aggressive new-comers
who experiment with creative strategies and dramatically different business
models. How can banks react? How can we make the ‘cake’ bigger for everybody?
Taking inspiration from other industries, there are several choices: unbundle
the current model and focus on excelling in one specific area, transform our
institutions into long-tail business model organizations, or partner with the
newcomers in the business.

In this session, we will identify how the current model is
being disrupted and how the impact on cost and revenues. We will co-create the
corporate banking business model of the future, using the Business Model Canvas
methodology of Alex Osterwalder (

To guide us, we have selected six dimensions of influence:
social and mobile, infrastructure (technology), transparency, transaction
costs, organizational models and big data.

Two host moderators will guide you through this exercise and
will ensure a deep interaction between audience and speakers in an exciting TV
Studio type format.

Audience: Business Analysts, Marketing & Branding,
Strategists, Product Managers, Innovation managers, Transaction Bankers,
Securities Managers,  Corporates,  Standards Experts, Payment
Professionals, Investment Managers, Regulators, Policy Makers.


Sound good?

Come along and join the inntoribe opening plenary on Monday morning at 9:30, 16th September.


* no, I’m not a saddo counting the seconds, it’s just that the SIBOS home page has a countdown to the start of the show!


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