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New book: “Digital Bank” by Chris Skinner launches soon

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I'm pleased to say that the book I made availalbe on a pre-release has been picked up by Marshall Cavendish for worldwide publication.

The hardback is released in Asia in June 2014, Europe in July and America in September, and is totally revised and fully edited, with some pretty good reviews:

“I can honestly say this is one of the best books that I've read on the subject matter around what constitutes banking in the present, past and future.” David Brear, Digital Banking Director, Gartner Group 

“What is funny is that before we started work on New mBank we first had followed & got inspired by your insights.  implementers need right and impactful guidance. This is the type of thought leadership that you stand for Chris.”  Michal Panowicz, Head of the New mBank 

“I think Chris has added tremendously to the conversation with this book and I highly recommend it.”  Brett King, Author of Bank 2.0 and founder of Moven

“In Digital Bank, Chris Skinner shows why he is considered the foremost financial industry scholar.” Jim Marous, Senior Vice President at New Control

“This is an up-to-the-minute look at the challenges banks face as the information age goes into overdrive.”  Michael Mainelli, Emeritus Gresham Professor of Commerce at Gresham College, London

“This is not simply a must-read book for financial services execs. It should become a discussion tool for management teams, who should be assigned to read chapters to be discussed in management meetings.” Ron Shevlin, Author of Snarketing 2.0 and Senior Analyst at Aite Group

“If you really want to understand how the financial world is changing, you must read this book.” Roy Vella, Mobile Services Expert, Speaker & Entrepreneur

“Impressive in scope, incredibly relevant topics, current in time, and approachable in tone. Truly a worthwhile read, and hard to put down once you start.” David Desharnais, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP Product at Traxpay

“Digital Bank is couched in clear, direct language that readers of all levels of expertise will find accessible.” Kenneth Cline, Managing Editor, Banking Strategies

“Whoever reads this book without swiftly moving to action, may regret it.” Guido Poli, Head of Market Intelligence, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

"The book is a treasure. Its really good and comprehensive."  Kannan Swaminathan, Senior Vice President, Royal Bank of Scotland

In fact, one review on Amazon sums it up: 

Thanks Mirko.

So, for those who want to read the wholly re-edited and brand, spanking, shiny new Digital Bank, just go to Amazon KindleGoogle PlayKobo or Apple iTunes and download your Digital Bank today!


“There are very few people in the financial services industry who can cut through the complexities of the business to provide truly valuable insights.” Debbie Bianucci, President and CEO of the Bank Administration Institute (USA)

“He provides an invaluable guide to the changes we can expect to see in this fast-moving and vital industry, entertainingly illustrated with an array of fascinating case studies.”  Annie Shaw, Daily Express columnist and money expert for Radio London

“Chris is perhaps the first writer I know who successfully captures the pulse of the financial services industry not from a European or American, but from a truly global perspective.”  Emmanuel Daniel, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, the Asian Banker


  • Why We Need Digital Banks        
  • Designing Digital Banks without Branches              
  • Digital Banks Do Not Have Channels         
  • Building Relationships through Digital Banking      
  • Technologies Create a Digital Bank Storm              
  • Mobile Fuels Digital Banking        
  • Digital Banks Are Social Banks     
  • Digital Banks Fight Data Wars     
  • Making Digital Banks Secure        
  • Becoming a Digital Bank
  • Digital Banks Are Still Banks         
  • The New Economics of Digital Banking    
  • Launching the Digital Bank           

Case Studies:

  • Banco Sabadell, Spain    
  • Barclays Bank, UK           
  • Bitcoin, Global  
  • Fidor Bank, Germany      
  • First Direct, UK  
  • mBank, Poland  
  • moven, USA       
  • mPesa, Kenya    
  • Simple, USA       
  • SWIFT, Global    
  • The Currency Cloud, Global          

“One of the greatest strengths of the book is the wealth of examples and case studies from around the world, showing just how much of the future is already here, now. A very useful resource for bankers, would-be bankers and business students alike.” Simon Thompson, Chief Executive at Chartered Banker Institut

“Excellent read about the current situation and the inevitable move of banks from managing clients and their money to the new paradigm of creating value out of client information and client relationships to finance.” Ed Jie  

“A must read book for anyone interested in banking. A vision that banks need to understand, digest and action, or face significant challenges over the next decade.” B. A. McKee 


Chris Skinner Author Avatar

Chris M Skinner

Chris Skinner is best known as an independent commentator on the financial markets through his blog,, as author of the bestselling book Digital Bank, and Chair of the European networking forum the Financial Services Club. He has been voted one of the most influential people in banking by The Financial Brand (as well as one of the best blogs), a FinTech Titan (Next Bank), one of the Fintech Leaders you need to follow (City AM, Deluxe and Jax Finance), as well as one of the Top 40 most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal's Financial News. To learn more click here...

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