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Banks and disintermediation, Part Three

Although I said yesterday that I struggle with banks being disintermediated, I did leave out one critical point.

Many things have appeared in the banking world during my time, and been tried and dismissed.

Biometrics has been long discussed for authentication, but is yet to be seen.

The end of the branch has been long discussed, but is yet to be seen.

The cashless society has been on the agenda for ages, but is yet to be seen.

Video based digital service has been talked about for eons, but is yet to be seen.

And the end of banking as we know it has been debated since I started in this industry … and is yet to be seen.

But then something else sits uncomfortably in the back of my mind.

Biometrics is yet to be seen, and yet it can be seen.

Paypal fingerprint

The end of the branch is yet to be seen, but it can also be seen.


A cashless society is yet to be seen, but it is being seen.


Video based digital service is yet to be seen, and it is literally seen.


And whilst we have not seen the end of banking, if you sit complacently believing it won’t happen then you are not seeing.


…. so keep your eyes open.




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Chris M Skinner
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  • Excellent writing. It is (and we are) very close now.
    Alex Letts, CEO, Ffrees

    • Kndweloge wants to be free, just like these articles!

  • People overestimate the pace of change in banking, which means the banks are still here and probably have a decent runway in front of them.
    People underestimate the impact the change that has already happened, because it happens so slowly and this is precisely why it’s so dangerous. Death by a thousand cuts, is death all the same.