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The Finanser’s Week: 23rd February 2015 – 1st March 2015

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Our biggest stories of the past week are ...

The role of the bank branch in the digital age

I tweeted yesterday that bank branches are still important as, for many, digital only is too nerve wracking when it comes to money.  I knew it would get some pushback, and it did, but here’s the logic and how this started.

How are banks reacting to FinTech?

After blogging about how hot Fintech is, I stumbled across this article by Avinash Swamy (HT to Bradley Leimer), and asked Avinash if I could place this on the blog.  Avinash kindly agreed, so read on ... An analysis of the strategies being adopted by banks across the world to address FinTech.

The Finanser Interviews: Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank

Starling Bank is the name of a new challenger bank being set up in London. The bank’s early days show how challenging the process of creating a new bank can be, as the Financial Times explains (see end of interview).  Nevertheless, there is grand ambition to shake up the banking establishment, as outlined in this interview with founder and CEO Anne Boden.

A lot of people haven’t heard of Starling Bank. Can you give us an introduction and background to what you are doing, and the plans for the bank?

Data is the bank's battleground - are you fit to fight?

I’ve developed a whole new presentation on the ValueWeb, which I’ll share at some point soon, and tried it out today for the first time.  It was interesting to gauge the audience reaction, which was overwhelmingly positive.  Just as a reminder, here are the ten generations of the internet development that I listed last week (it’s non-exhaustive so if you can see more than this, feel free):

The fintech scene is so hot, it's boiling

I just picked up Silicon Valley Bank’s latest report on Fintech, and it makes fascinating reading.  Here are the headlines:  the fourth quarter of 2014 was the busiest time in fintech history, with 214 deals taking place globally …


The major general news stories of the past week include ... 

James Moore: TSB is getting twitchy over switching - The Independent
If there is a "new" bank that might put a dent in the dominance of the big four, TSB might be it.

How Sands fell from grace at Standard Chartered - Reuters
LONDON/HONG KONG (Reuters) - In summer 2012 Peter Sands was flying high as Standard Chartered Chief Executive, batting back questions on whether he was tempted to run Barclays or even the Bank of England.

Morgan Stanley made a Hunger Games parody a year ago - and now it's been leaked - The Independent
Everyone knows it's cut-throat on Wall Street – but a leaked joke entertainment video for employees paints a disturbing (and cringe-worthy) picture of life at a leading investment firm.

Standard Chartered chief and chairman to leave in dramatic director exodus - The Telegraph
Peter Sands will leave this year to be replaced by former JPMorgan executive Bill Winters, with Sir John Peace leaving next year

The card aiming to end Nigerian fraud - BBC
How Nigeria is tackling identity fraud

Treasury makes £500m selling Lloyds shares as it reduces its stake in the bank - The Independent
The Treasury has raised around £500 million by selling shares in Lloyds Banking Group.

Timeline: bankruptcies and bail-outs since the fall of Barings - The Telegraph
Two decades on from the fall of Britain's most recognisable merchant bank, here are the lenders who have followed Baring's down the ignominious path of rescues and buy-outs

Absolute Bankers: From bank to hotel - BBC
Turning Midland Bank's former HQ into a hotel

Ten days that shook the euro; how Greece came to the brink - Reuters
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The "rock star" took on the rock. And the rock won.

HSBC boss drawn into tax furore - The Telegraph
The bank has confirmed that Stuart Gulliver has a Swiss bank account used for bonuses


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