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The best FinTech research of 2016

Earlier this year, I summarised some of the best research papers that had been released on FinTech and Blockchain in three parts: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.  Thanks to Oliver Bussmann’s blog, I can now provide you with a list of the best research released on Fintech this year.  Enjoy!

2016-12 Digital Asset Holding Non Technical White Paper: The Digital Asset Platform

2016-11 Federal Reserve Board Study: Distributed ledger technology in payments, clearing

2016-11 BCG: FinTech in Capital Markets

Study: FinTech in Europe

2016-11 German Government: German FinTech Market

2016-11 CoinDesk Report: 6 Takeaways From CoinDesk’s Q3 State of Blockchain

2016-11 McKinsey Report: Bracing for seven critical changes as FinTech matures

2016-11 KPMG / CBInsight Report: FinTech deal activity hits lowest levels since Q2-2014

2016-11 Deutsche Bank Report: Powering the flow of global capital

2016-11 Capgemini: World FinTech Report 2017

2016-11 FinTech Regulatory Sandboxes Launched by Forward-Thinking Authorithies

2016-10 Burnmark Report: Challenger Banking

2016-10 GOOGLE STRATEGY: Betting the Future on AI, Cloud Services, and (Tamed) Moonshots

2016-10 KPMG FinTech 100 Report

2016-10 Accenture Report: Blockchain Technology

2016-10 KMPG & CBInsights Venture Pulse Q2 2016

2016-10 Deloitte Report: Making blockchain real for customer loyalty programs

2016-10 BCG White Paper: FinTech in Capital Markets: A land of Opportunities

2016-10: Innovate Finance Publishes Autumn Statement to Government for UK FinTech

2016-10 Innovate Finance: Blockhain – Navigating the Regulatory and Legal Landscape

2016-09 McKinsey Report: How digital finance could boost growth in emerging economies

2016-09 BNY Mellon: Reinventing Payments In An Era of Modernization

2016-09 Deloitte FinTech Hub Report

2016-09 ANZ/Wells Fargo proof-of-concept paper: blockchain for correspondent banking

2016-09: SWIFT examines application of financial business standards to DLT

2016-09 Bank of England Consultation Paper Blockchain Compatibility for Settlement Service

2016-09 The 27 Fintech Unicorns, and Where They Were Born

2016-08 WEF Report: A blueprint for digital identiy

2016-08 WEF: The future of financial infrastructure based on Blockchain

WEF: The Future of Financial Services 2015 Report

2016-08 KPMG: The Pulse of Fintech Q2-2016

2016-08 Credit Suisse Blockchain Report

2016-08 H1-2016 Money of the Future report from Life.SREDA

2016-07 KMPG Study: Consensu- immutable agreement for the Internet of value

2016-07 Oliver Wyman: Unlocking Economic Advantage with Blockchain

2016-05 Goldman Sachs Report: Blockchain – Putting Theory into Practice

2016-04 Morgan Stanley Report: Blockchain in Banking: Disruptive Threat or Tool?

2016-04 SWIFT Institute: The Impact & Potential of Blockchain on Securities

2016-04 Position Paper: SWIFT & Accenture on distributed ledger technologies

2016-03 EY Report: Blockchain reaction: Tech plans for critical mass

2016-03 PWC Study: How FinTech is shaping Financial Services

2016-03 MIT Paper: Digital Banking Manifesto: The End of Banks?

PWC: Blockchain – The 5 billion opportunity for reinsurers



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