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Is FOMO driving you MADD?

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A long time ago, a man would go to work whilst the woman would stay at home. Thanks to a generation of change, women and men now work and no one has to stay at home.

A long time ago, work was a place you went to and home was a place you rested.  Thanks to a generation of change, work is now part of your home and spends all day with you.

A long time ago, you could finish work and get a work-life balance. Thanks to a generation of change, the work-life balance is now called work.

I only write this because, like most of the world, I have ADD or, to be more accurate, I have MADD: Mobile Attention Deficit Disorder. I find I cannot concentrate on anything anymore. Most of the time, I’m worried and suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out). If I don’t have my mobile on my side, then I cannot function.

It never used to be like this. Just a decade ago, I could happily go home and leave the office behind. But now half my office seems to sit in Facebook and I find that I have to catch up on conversations I don’t even need to be a part of. I have friends in facebook, wisdom in Whatsapp, stylists on slack and twits on twitter. I have to keep checking all of them out, and half my day is spent just flitting between these different social networks.  The other half is on email and news sites, not forgetting the other half of the day spent shopping. The irresistible late night vampire shopping being the usual routine.

Jumping onto Amazon and eBay late at night, I end up ordering all sorts of crap I don’t need, and then wonder the next day how to get rid of it. Even then, things turn up on my door on occasion and I wonder what is that and who the hell ordered it? Then I realise it was me who ordered it a year ago on Kickstarter when the pitch video made it look cool but now …

Oh for the good old days. The days when I could switch the phone off and just relax at home. Now, I can’t even read a book, a magazine or even this blog entry before having to multitask and kick off the BBC News app to see the latest headlines.

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