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The FinTech Karaoke Challenge: My Way

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OK, OK, OK.  I know that some of my friends have been doing FinTech and Banking songs for a while, and I've avoided it. I've also avoided doing much video, as I don't like seeing myself on camera. And I don't sing, except in the shower.

But ...

... oh dear ...

... my FinTech Rap got a great response!

Some folks were asking for me to rap every week. Some folks said my performance was poor, but the lyrics were great. Some folks said that all the other FinTech influencers should do one. So, I'm now officially launching the FinTech Lockdown Karaoke Challenge.

Every Monday, if I'm inspired enough, I'll release a song or rap or similar. I know I shouldn't. My singing is rubbish, my looks are terrible (really bad hay fever sinuses),and it's difficult when you are locked down, cannot speak the language, have health issues and so on and so forth, but here's my first song in the FinTech Lockdown Karaoke Challenge. I look forward to seeing what my colleagues do ...

Their Way from Chris Skinner on Vimeo.


Their Way

And now, the bank is near

It is right here on a mobile app

My friends, I'll say it clear

The bank may be here

But it’s really crap

The bank it grew

And shows up through

All of my daily transactions

But more, much more than this

They did it their way

They force me to come down

Into a branch

Sign forms by the tranche

They ask me to show my name

And then challenge me to prove it’s me

It’s a pain, but then again

They do all this for a reason

For more, much more than this

They are avoiding treason.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew

When you paid off more than you could chew

And through it all, if the bank had doubt

They would eat you up and spat you out

They know it all to make you fall

Because they do it their way

I’ve paid, I’ve bought and sold

And as you can see, I’m getting older

I got some bitcoin, some mobile too

It’s all stored in, my online folder

I know the bank likes me

Only as long as I pay a big fat fee

That’s why I claim

They’re all the same

They do it their way

For what is a bank, what has it got

If not our money then it has not

To pay for the things we really want

And not the things that we don’t

The ledger shows, they have the cash

And do it their way


And may I say

In a shy way

I did this my way

Chris Skinner Author Avatar

Chris M Skinner

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