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This could be a serious mistake, as I’m an old guy who wasn’t born for rapping, but I can’t help myself. I woke up today and thought: you should make a rap video. Stupid, I know, but can’t help myself. My wife actually wandered into the office as I recorded this and said: are you ok? I said yes, but felt it was time to do something a bit more fun.

Forgive me if you hate it, but here’s the Chris Skinner FinTech Rap:

FinTech Rap from Chris Skinner on Vimeo.


The FinTech Rap

I know I shouldn’t do this

But I don’t care

It’s lockdown and I can’t even get a cut of my hair

I think lockdown has made me a bit deranged

As I’m filming a rap that shows I’ve changed

I’ve been in banking for thirty years or more

And it’s changed a lot since 1984

It’s now all free, digital, online

And the customer has choice, they’re feeling fine

Which is why old banks are falling away

Most of them have now had their day

We see many new banks growing fast

Are the big old banks just stuck in the past?

Well some are and some aren’t, it’s up to you

There are certainly some that prefer a branch queue

I know most banks, and some are shot

They’re full of bankers who are smoking pot

Not literally you know, but near enough

They’re weak and lost and their leaders aren’t tough

They think banking will continue in the same old way

Distributing paper and taking your pay

They annoy me as they are built for the past

That’s why they will soon end up last

I want them to refresh, renew and be now

Or even better, make a bank that goes POW!

But the new bank is not something separate and lost

It’s part of the old bank and part of the past

It’s the old bank, refreshed and renewed for today

It’s a new bank that doesn’t work in the same old way

The world has changed, as we’re all locked down

And there are too many banks that make me frown

I want them to be banks working in the cloud

That appeal to the new, millennial crowd

And some say that these banks are all neo

Yet most of these banks are actually free-o

Fast fact is that banks are not that bad

They are built to make money, not be a fad

It’s why banks are regulated so heavily

Do you think banks want to behave this way?

They don’t and aren’t dumb, stupid or cool

And I know for a fact that they’re not run by a fool

But most banks are run by bankers and that’s sad

They haven’t been built to run on an iPad

I want my bank to be fit for the phone

Which is smart and never working just alone

That’s why the man has asked for open APIs

And open banking is not just by-the-by

So, change the bank for the digital age

Or leave your customers in a rage

As they can see Amazon and Google too

Making the world a better place, noo?

Which means banks must clean up their place

And enter the world’s digital race

Clean up your bank and rethink your thoughts

Create a bank for the 2000 and noughts

That means you should be born on the net

And your business model needs to be fit for that set

Your business needs to move from branches

And run wild on the internet ranches

Wake up, shake up and be anew

Refresh, rethink  and create anew

You’re a banker, no you’re not,

You’re an internet star who is hot

So, let’s all think the world has changed

And you really are not being deranged

You’re a banker, no you’re not, you’re a digital crew

Run with the wild and think anew

I love this world of technology and finance

But now I know I’ve ended my rants


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