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The Finanser’s Week: 13th July 2020 – 19th July 2020

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The main blog headlines are ...

What you really, really want is money (that’s what I want)

I’ve written quite a few times about how economies work and the role of money as power. In particular, money is not just power but status, and leads to attractiveness, and the ability to get someone above your league in looks. I’ve likened it to …

Apple Card #fail?

Years and years ago, I did a business process analysis for an insurance company. One of the people I met there and interviewed said: “We’ve bred a group of box tickers and button pushers” This was, in context, about their underwriters. They ticked boxes and …

AI will augment, not destroy humanity

I’ve spent years talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Source: Europa Bearing in mind that we always talk about AI in the context of the Turing Test – a test that Alan Turing created back in 1950 – it’s not surprising. That test is that we …

Digital Banking for the Poor

I have a few friends around the world that I pick up on, and The World Bank and CGAP are amongst that crew. Therefore, when I saw that Peter Zetterli, senior financial sector specialist with CGAP, was blogging about financial inclusion I couldn’t but help …

Chris Skinner’s FinTech Rap

This could be a serious mistake, as I’m an old guy who wasn’t born for rapping, but I can’t help myself. I woke up today and thought: you should make a rap video. Stupid, I know, but can’t help myself. My wife actually wandered into the …


And the main news headlines are ….

Bank of England mulling new digital currency post-Brexit - Retail Banker International
The Bank of England has published a discussion paper on central bank digital currency. The paper outlines an illustrative model of CBDC designed to store value and enable UK payments by households and businesses.

Monzo Down: Challenger Bank Cites “Problem with Servers” - Computer Business Review (CBR)
Digital-only bank Monzo is suffering what appears to be a sweeping outage that has left customers unable to make payments or bank transfers.

Another Horrific Bank Of America Horror Story That Hundreds, If Not Thousands, Are, Apparently, Experiencing - Forbes
Back in April, I wrote about Bank of America's horrible handling of Payroll Protection Loans. I wrote about a case I knew — my own. After my column appeared, I received one email after another written by business owners who experienced the same nightmare.

McKinsey warned Wirecard a year ago to take ‘immediate action’ on controls - Financial Times
Management board later passed over consultancy for compliance work in favour of PwC

Super-rich call for higher taxes on wealthy to pay for Covid-19 recovery - Guardian
Exclusive : Group of 83 wealthy individuals demands ‘immediate, substantial and permanent’ higher taxes ‘on people like us’ A group of 83 of the world’s richest people have called on governments to permanently increase taxes on them and other members of the wealthy elite to help pay for the economic

'I left Smile Bank today due to the ongoing outage' - BBC
Smile Bank customers have been unable to access their online banking accounts for five days in a row.

Wave of new leaders presents an opportunity to shake up the banking industry - The Telegraph
Some of the biggest roles in UK banking are on the table, offering an opportunity to revive the sector and rethink strategies

Warning over 11 dangerous apps that could access your bank account - Hull Live
Researchers have issued a warning over 11 apps that could be on your Android phone or tablet which have been infected with malware.

Only man jailed over £26m Northern raid sues bank - Belfast Telegraph
The only man convicted in connection with the Northern Bank robbery is now suing the bank for taking possession of millions of pounds found by gardai at his home.

Johnson must be mad if he thinks Britain can afford a no-deal Brexit | William Keegan - Guardian
Crashing out of the EU would put paid to the prime minister’s ambitions to become a big-spending Roosevelt Does Boris Johnson want to go down in history – or just down and down? At present all the signs are that, if he goes on in the direction he and his

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