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The Karaoke Challenge: Despacito

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During my karaoke lockdown challenge, I’ve been surprised how engaged my audience is, from those who encouraged me to do JaJa Ding Dong to a trans-Atlantic duet with Barb MacLean of Islands in the Stream.

However, I’ve never been as challenged as I was this week. I got an email from Oriol Ros of Latinia (Spanish/English), asking me to reach out to my Spanish-speaking audience with a Spanish language song. I thought that Y Viva Espana would be perfect, as my Spanish is limited to Dos bieres por favor, Juan Sheet and Grassyarse* but, in a flippant moment, I sent him back an email saying OK, let’s try Despacito, hoping he would go away.

He didn’t. He came back with a perfectly formed FinTech karaoke of the song. The issue is that this song has three contributors on the professional version: Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee; and I’m just one average guy, who doesn’t speak Spanish.

Nevertheless, I never shirk from a challenge, so here’s my shortened version of Rapidito, tightly based on Despacito, on guitar and just me (Spanish lyrics follow and then English translation).


Rapidito from Chris Skinner on Vimeo.


Rapidito (Spanish)


Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote

Tengo que conectar contigo hoy (DY!)

Vi que tu API ya estaba llamándome

Muéstrame la ruta que yo voy (Oh).


Tú, tú eres la data y yo el agregador

Me voy acercando ya a tu backdoor

Sólo con pensarlo se acelera el sandbox (Oh, yeah)

Ya, ya me está gustando más de lo normal


Todas mis calls van pidiendo más

Esto hay que integrarlo con mucho más apuro



Quiero montar mi banca abierta rapidito

Deja que mi API diga cosas a tu core bendito

Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo



Quiero ver a tus clientes rapidito

Acceder a sus cuentas con mi algoritmo

Y hacer de su data un nuevo servicio

(¡Sube, sube, sube… sube a la nube!)


Quiero ver tu App

Quiero ser tu fintech

Que me enseñes sus transacciones

Sus transacciones favoritas (¡Favorito, favorito, baby!)


Déjame trabajar con tus interfaces

Hasta provocar sus ¡wow mi banco!

Y que se olviden ya de Amazon


Si te pido acceso en tiempo real, ven dámelo

Yo sé que estás pensándolo

Llevas tiempo intentándolo

Banco olvida el legacy


Sabes que tu data conmigo te hace ¡Bam-Bam!

Sabes que tu cliente está buscando de mi ¡Bam-Bam!

Ven prueba mi API para ver cómo te sabe


Quiero, quiero, quiero ver cuánta data a ti te cabe

Yo si tengo prisa, yo me quiero dar el viaje

Integremos lento, después salvaje.



Consulta a consulta, suave suavecito

Vamos cifrando poquito a poquito

Si tú API nativa me llama con destreza

Veo que tu eres fintech con delicadeza.


Llamada a llamada, ligero y agilito

Nos vamos integrando poquito a poquito

Y es que esa ley fintech es un rompecabezas

¡Pero pa’ montarlo yo aquí tengo la pieza, oye!




Rapidito (English)


Yes, you know that I've been looking at you for a while

I have to connect with you today (DY!)

I saw that your API was already calling me

Show me the route that I'm going (Oh).


You, you are the data and I am the aggregator

I'm getting closer to your backdoor

Just the thought of it speeds up the sandbox (Oh, yeah)

now I'm enjoying it more than usual


All my calls are asking for more

This must be integrated with much more rush



I want to set up my open banking quickly

Let my API say things to your blessed core

So that you remember when you're not with me



I want to see your clients quickly

Access their accounts with my algorithm

And make their data a new service

Turn it up turn it up.... turn it up, turn it up to the cloud!)


I want to see your App

I want to be your fintech

Show me their transactions

their favorite transactions (Favorite, favorite, baby!)


Let me work with your interfaces

Up till hearing them yelling…¡wow my bank!

And finally forgetting about Amazon



If I ask you for real time access, come give it to me

I know you are thinking about it

You have been trying for some time

Bank forget legacy


You know your data with me makes you boom-boom

You know your client is looking for my boom-boom


Come test my API to see how it tastes like to you

I want, I want, I want to see how much data fits you

Cause I'm in a hurry, I want to do the trip

Let's integrate slowly and then wildly.


Query to query, Softly and softly

We are coding little by little

If your native API calls me skillfully

I see that you are a fine fintech.


Call to call, light and agile

We are integrating little by little

And it’s just that this fintech law is a puzzle

But to put it together here I have the pieces, hey!


* having presented in Spain and across Latin America, I have one line memorised:

Me llamo Chris Skinner. Soy de Londres, Inglaterra. Lo siento, no hablo español. ¿Podemos hablar inglés ahora?

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