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If finance was a football team

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I had this strange dream the other night where I wondered what a financial institution would look like as a football team. Sure, it’s a weird thing to dream about, but it made sense, so I woke up and wrote down the dream before going back to sleep again. Here is that dream:

Welcome to the FSI stadium where today Bank Wanderers meet with FinTech Killers. It’s been interesting since Jimmy Demon took over this team in how it has changed. Defence is now much stronger thanks to the introduction of the two new players Analytics and Firewall. They’ve combined well with Compliance and Fraud to defend the goalkeeper Risk Mange.

In fact, it’s between interesting to see how the two brothers – Risk Mange in goal and the forward, Rel Mange in midfield – have combined. Firewall and Fraud are there to ensure nothing gets through Risk; Rel is there to work with Sales and Apps, the key strikers for the Bank Wanderers, to beat the competition.

There’s a strong attack and defence, but what about midfield?

Well, as mentioned midfield is dominated by Rel Mange. Rel Mange works with Infra Structure to keep a strong centre field, and keeps the defence and attack together. Rel and Infra are then supported by the amazing left and right field players, APIs and Mark Etting.

Between these four midfield players, Jimmy plays the traditional 4-4-2, and their form has been impeccable in recent games. A few points clear of the league right now, today’s game is key as the Fintech Killers could rise to the top.

The Fintech Killers were created as a new team, with huge amounts of investment – we’re talking billions – just a few years ago. Led by a dual management team in the form of Patrick and John Collison – isn’t it interesting that both teams have brothers – they’ve attacked Bank Wanderers with a great line-up of fresh new players.

Created in the 2000s, the Fintech Killers now boast some of the key players in the world with Bit Coin in goal; Consen Sys, Coin Base, Bi Nance and Dev Secops in defence; Stripe, Wise, Venmo and Starling in midfield; and Revolut and NuBank in attack. It’s an amazing line-up and manager, Ven Capital, was given an amazing amount to spend when this team was created.

Rising through the ranks of the leagues to now be in the premier division today, the Fintech Killers create a major challenge to the Bank Wanderers, and today’s match is key. Whoever wins today will be top of the league. Who will it be? The Bank Wanderers or the Fintech Killers.

I’ve no idea but now over to our commentators the Finanser and Fintech Insider to find out.


If finance was a football team

Goalkeeper – Risk Mange

Defenders – Compliance, Analytics, Fraud and Firewall

Midfield – APIs (pronounced: appees), Mark Etting, Rel Mange and Infra Structure

Strikers – Apps and Sales


If fintech was a football team

Goalkeeper – Bit Coin

Defenders – Consen Sys, Coin Base, Bi Nance and Dev Secops

Midfield – Stripe, Wise, Venmo and Starling

Strikers – Revolut and NuBank


Or, if you would rather:

Goalkeeper – CEO

Defenders – Back Office

Midfield – Middle Office

Strikers – Front Office


Chris Skinner Author Avatar

Chris M Skinner

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