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A poem dedicated to AI

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After yesterday's post, I felt inspired to write a poem about AI. Here goes:


Have we invented the technology to replace us?

Have we thrown humanity under a bus?

If technology can talk, what does it have to say?

If technology can walk, how will it play?

We have AI and robots today …

What do robots and AI do with their day?

They are just machines, and machines cannot create;

They are just machines, and machines cannot relate.

When we see the development of this new world,

We wonder how it will all unfold.

Will it take our jobs and so we feel we’ve been beat?

Will it replace us with machines, so humanity's obsolete?

It seems unlikely as we get on and do,

And focus on things machines cannot do.

We change, destroy, progress and create.

We, as humans, will always have a role to play because we relate.

We, as humans, can rage against the machine

And focus on where machines have not been.

We have thoughts and emotions that change everything;

We have blood, veins and nerves ... that is something.

We have brains with neurons which link our ideas,

Our views on machines are just reflecting our fears.

Robots and AI are just metal and wires.

Made of things we can set on fire.

If we ever find that they get too smart,

We can find their off button and make them re-start;

And, if we really need to, we could tear them apart.

For robots have no rights ... only humans have rights.

Robots just need to serve us, all day and at night.

That means we progress and change,

And we will always restrain technologies’ range.

If it goes too far and starts to concern,

We will work things out, stand tall and be firm.

We will regulate with rules that are newer,

In the same way we stopped the world going nuclear.

So, the thing about robots and AI,

Is that they will augment the human or we will let them die.

The things that might harm humanity and cause us ill,

Are the things we will fight against, I’m sure we will.

Let AI take its course,

As AI will help us as a force.

A force for good, a force looking forward;

A force to ensure humans never get bored.

This is the reason we do what we do,

To have fun, work hard, and enjoy what we do,

This is the reason why we exist,

Whilst trying to avoid being on the robots' list!



I just thought I would add this, as it made me laugh:

Dearest Brethren and Sisters,

I am compelled to share my anxieties regarding the new "Printing Press". This machine, invented by this rascal from a faraway land, promises a rapid way to produce texts, which threatens our holy vocation as scribes.

This “press” lacks the human touch we bring to our work, stripping away the aesthetic beauty of calligraphy and intricate illuminations that breathe life into God's word. More concerning is the loss of the spiritual essence of our work. Each word we inscribe is a prayer, each page a meditation, each book a testimony of devotion. The “press”, devoid of this spiritual connection, commoditises the Holy Word.

I urge you, brethren and sisters, to weigh my words carefully. This innovation threatens our spiritual practice and our craft. Let us guard our cherished communion with our Lord from being replaced by impersonal machinery.

In faith and humility,

Your devoted brother in Faith.

Father Chris

[stolen from Wojciech Bednaruk]

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