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Ever wondered what Gen Z think of your bank?

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I was intrigued by The Financial Brand’s autumn (Fall) magazine about younger folks or, as some call them, Gen Z.

Personally, I’m not a fan of demographics. You can throw people into buckets of ages, but not everyone of a certain age behaves the same way. Neverhteless, there are some interesting perspectives of how Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012) differ to Millennials, Boomers, you and me. For example, 15% of Gen Z is the queerest generation ever, according to Gallup.

But then, more importantly for the audience here, 80% – four out of five! – use their mobile to transfer money.

It is quite unsurprising to hear this and yet, at the same time, quite surprising. It makes you think: do Gen Z relate or understand what a bank is? Interestingly, Investec talk about this, and note that Gen Z care about an institution’s stance on things that impact society – are they eco-conscious, do they have an authentic strategy and have they got easy-to-use features like carbon tracking and offsetting? Equally, gen Z is the second highest generation to have donated to charity throughout the pandemic.


Probably most interesting for me is the fact that Gen Z’s spend more than three per day on Tik-Tok.


I mean I’m into social media stuff, but mainly Facebook and X. In other words, I’m a boomer. Tik-Tok is great, but it’s not my thing (right now). In fact, it reminds me of a Millennial telling me I really should be Insta (Instagram). So, maybe there is a demographic thing after all.

Source: Smart Insights

It then makes me think about who is the audience?

For example, I use LinkedIn as a major connection as the main way for people who network in business. So, why would I use TikTok? Oh ...

Tatiana Londono, @tatlondono

Followers: 2.8 million

Tatiana Londono is a real estate investor and the founder and CEO of Londono Realty Group Inc. She shares tips on getting started with real estate investing. One of Londono's videos focuses on how to buy your first investment property, and another shares how to buy a home with less than a 20% down payment. She also discusses a wide range of personal finance topics beyond real estate.

Tori Dunlap, @herfirst100k

Followers: 2.4 million

Tori Dunlap focuses on helping women become rich and equalizing financial opportunities for men and women. She is a self-declared "financial feminist," who isn't afraid to challenge old ways of thinking, including established experts and financial strategies.

Steve Chou, @mywifequitherjob

Followers: 115,200

Steve Chou's followers consume his content on building an ecommerce business. He shares practical tips to help anyone start their own online business, including advice on finding wholesale suppliers.

Erika Kullberg, @erikakullberg

Followers: 9.3 million

Erika Kullberg is a lawyer whose content deals with ways to save money through the terms and conditions of popular products. One of her most popular clips explains how to get a free pair of Nike shoes.

Crypto Mason, @cryptomasun

Followers: 1.2 million

Crypto Mason is known for his daily crypto content. He shows his audience numerous ways to make money in cryptocurrency, as well as news and updates from the crypto world. One of his videos explains how a beginner can get started in cryptocurrency.

Chloe Elise, @deeperthanmoney

Followers: 244,100

Chloe Elise has become popular for her content on building wealth without missing out on life. You can follow her journey as she works toward becoming a millionaire.


Followers: 225,300

Kenny produces content discussing how anyone can raise the amount of income they earn and protect their investments. Kenny explains relevant, timely topics, such as real estate investing and battling inflation.

Robert Ross, @tik.stocks

Followers: 376,300

Robert Ross is a professional stock analyst, whose content ranges from explaining the math behind meme stocks to the best time for buying stocks in general. If you want to dip a toe into the stock market, Ross is one to follow.

Sara Finance, @sarafinance

Followers: 740,700

Sara Finance's followers tune in to her advice on investing money and growing a business. As a 20-year-old millionaire, many of her videos are aimed at teens and young adults. One of her most popular videos shows the million-dollar home that she purchased with money she earned.

Seth Godwin, @seth.godwin

Followers: 1.8 million

Seth Godwin explains the ins and outs of using credit, buying cars, and maintaining investment accounts. Godwin is known for helping his readers save money by being educated in personal finance. One of his videos, for example, explains how to pay less interest on loans.

Oh, and don’t forget about Generation Alpha (born after 2010):

Eleven-year-old Zy is afraid of needles. If she could invent one thing, it would be a device to help people get shots more easily—and without fear. Fia, who’s 12, would invent a submarine that picks up trash in the ocean. And 12-year-old Mylo says that although climate change is a “snowball” that’s just getting bigger, it’s still small enough to stop if we try. We talked to Gen Alpha, and wow, do they have some ideas.

Chris Skinner Author Avatar

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