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CNN – not news, but fraud

After my note about identity theft the other day, I got a nice note from Barry Marshall at Identity Intelligence (IDI), who run a database about fraud.  Their numbers are staggering, and they define the issue today is not about Card Not Present (CNP) fraud, but Card Not Necessary (CNN). …

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2010 Review: Payments

IPhone NFC

So, there are a lot of things we’re juggling around with in the payments arena, from real-time to TARGET2 to SEPA to SWIFT ISO20022 to mobile to contactless to biometrics and more. I guess I can summarise this area best by using the results from this year’s payments survey because …

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If you like card fraud, this one’s for you

Just spent most of today talking about PCI DSS compliance issues with QSAs focused upon E2EE. What? Yea, you heard me right. Delving into an area that I talk a lot about at higher levels usually, but rarely at these levels. Today, I was plumbing the depths of the Payment …

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The end of privacy


I continue to be stunned by how Facebook and other social media allow me to see things in other people’s lives that should not be seen. For example, all of my friend’s friends photographs. This is a feature of Facebook I particularly dislike, and I’m not sure people are even …

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Blowing the lid off private banking secrecy

During the past week, the US Magazine Global Post published an amazing series of articles about the insider truth of being a private banker with UBS in Switzerland. The five article series charts the operations of one Bradley Birkenfeld – a Boston-born, high-flying, cross-border banker – at Switzerland’s premier financial …

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You’re all individuals, you’re all different

Who am i

What a funny old week it’s been. Having blogged a lot about identity in the past, the week began with two peak time TV viewing programs about identity on Monday: Who do you think you are? on the BBC and Identity on ITV. These programs are all about finding out …

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The name is Skinner … Jason Skinner

I’m intrigued by the number of discussions there are around identity. There have been several here recently, for example: Adventures in identity: are you paranoid or schizophrenic? If identities are unique, why do I have so many? Why identity management is so complicated And there are a number of blogs …

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Why identity management is so complicated

War ID

It fascinates me when we talk about ‘identity’ that we always seem to think of identity management as being a single thing … but it’s not. First, there’s the use of identity for identification; second for authentication; third, for verification; and fourth for fulfilment. Then there are the many instances …

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Your soul is mine


I know that many of you will have read the story already but, just in case, it is worth posting here for posterity and for the record.  LONDON, ENGLAND, April 03, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — Gamestation has discovered that more than 88% of the British public do not read the terms …

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Cover payments – a real pain?

Dow Jones1

A while ago, I talked about cover payments and the introduction of the changes to SWIFT MT202 message types.  A wee bit technical for the blog, but worth it as the costs of implementation of the changes were, and are, a major concern for the banks I deal with. Today, …

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