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After the PSD and SEPA, has anything changed?

Last year, we performed a major survey in anticipation of the implementation of the PSD and SEPA Direct Debits, to see how the world viewed these areas. The research received over 350 responses from financial professionals worldwide, and found a general cynicism about the effectiveness of the PSD in particular, …

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More UK banking stats

Following on from yesterday's number – UK Bank Stats: a fascinating portrait of life -I was sent another report today from TheCityUK, the trade body that promotes the interests of the City of London.There’s loads of numbers in this document that are useful, which I will post in a few …

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Europe is from Mars, America is from Venus

For some time now, I’ve been meaning to blog about the big issue bubbling away over SWIFT, and the access to SWIFT records demanded by the US authorities. I remember having lunch with some executives at SWIFT back in the summer of 2006, when the news first broke about this. …

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A SWIFT note on remittances

A final note on remittances and I've already been taken to task by one reader, who points out that a 'migrant worker' in one country is another country's customer overseas. This is a key point for some banks, as they enable their customers to migrate and have full financial services …

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Why banks should avoid the remittance markets

Great conversations continue in the remittances space, or money transfer space if you prefer, with a chat with the global transaction services folks from a major bank. This bank has a dilemma: are they in the remittances space or are they not? They really want to be in this space …

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Why is there no global mobile remittance service?

We had a really interesting free-ranging conversation about remittances and new services for remittances yesterday. Oh yes, I should say that I’m at a remittances conference so that’s the reason why. The discussion was about the NEXT BIG THING in money transfer … or rather whether and if there is …

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The name is Skinner … Jason Skinner

I’m intrigued by the number of discussions there are around identity. There have been several here recently, for example: Adventures in identity: are you paranoid or schizophrenic? If identities are unique, why do I have so many? Why identity management is so complicated And there are a number of blogs …

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Let the iWars begin


Inspired by three events this week, I focused on apps for my panel discussion today … and got shot down in flames for talking bollards. Harrumph. Here are the events, the logic, the proposal and why it got shot down. First, the events. Event number one: my first iPhone My …

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Banking infrastructure: Rome or Vegas?

In a dialogue the other day about payments infrastructures, and building on my comments that all payments innovations are rubbish because they sit on creaking and out-of-date legacy technologies, a colleague stated that it was over-egging the case to say that all the old infrastructures needed to be destroyed and …

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Another P2P Payments system


With the general frustration folks appear to have with bank fees – not sure why as banking has to cost something, doesn't it? – I just got wind of the new Currency Exchange for P2P transactions.  Here's how it works: Or, if you prefer, in text form: "CurrencyFair is the …

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Why payments innovations are rubbish!

Here's my latest retail payments focused presentation.  It's premise is that there's loads of innovation out there, with micropayments and iPhone apps being hotbeds of innovation for developed economies whilst microfinance and 2G GSM messaging being creative fields for developing economies.  However, all of these innovations are just froth on …

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Want to know the latest on SEPA?

If you’re wondering what’s happening with SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area) then this interview with Gilbert Lichter, Secretary General of the Euro Banking Association (EBA) and CEO of EBA Clearing, provides a good overview of the latest and greatest: Gilbert Lichter from Chris Skinner on Vimeo. The interview took …

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What’s on a treasurer’s mind?

We had a great session at the FSClub the other day, discussing the views of the corporate client and their relationship with the bank. The panel consisted of a representative for corporate treasurers; a former head of treasury ops for a major technology vendor; and the head of epayments for …

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Why identity management is so complicated

War ID

It fascinates me when we talk about ‘identity’ that we always seem to think of identity management as being a single thing … but it’s not. First, there’s the use of identity for identification; second for authentication; third, for verification; and fourth for fulfilment. Then there are the many instances …

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