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America’s regulations are not the problem

I received a very thoughtful response to last week’s blog (about Dodd-Frank being the issue with the USA seeing zero neobanks starting up) from two Nahum Goldmann and David Gerbino.   Nahum and I have corresponded for some time about banking matters and his email sparked various views in my mind.  Here’s his …

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Eurosceptics rule KO!

So we had our annual update on all things EU yesterday from David Doyle, loyal friend of the Financial Services Club and our opening keynote in most years as we are all keen to know what the Eurocrats are thinking.  In prepping for the meeting, I got to thinking about …

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Things worth reading: 15th December 2015

Things we’re reading today include … Banking’s ‘Uber moment’ is already happening — 100,000 bankers lost their jobs in 2015 Transcript: FT City Network on cyber crime Ex-Wall St stars swap banking for fintech The computer virus that blackmails you Why do many Americans mistrust the Federal Reserve? Blockchain believers …

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A fine line for anonymity

I presented to the Financial Services Club meeting in Scotland last night and was asked an intriguing question at the end about anonymity.  What are the issues around protection of privacy and, by contrast, the requirements to protect anonymity?  If I am buying pornography, drugs or weapons online, am I …

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Why are Fintech start-ups avoiding the core of banking?

In that same dialogue about when banks should act to block, buy or beat new competition, I realised that the new competition is doing something quite clever.  Unsurprisingly, Fintech firms look at banking and realise that it’s pretty dull and onerous stuff.  AML, KYC, compliance, audit, regulatory reporting, rules and …

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The complexity of correspondent banking

I love the idea of money without government but, having sat through a regulatory discussion of correspondent banking, I think this hope is possibly false placed.  However, for my banking fraternity, I think they’ll be very interested in two reports recently produced on correspondent banking by the Committee on Payments …

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