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Omniaccess is the strategic imperative for the 2020s

During the summer and autumn of 2020, I ran an online survey of banks and FinTech firms around their view of physical versus digital access to banking. Obviously, in 2020, digital access to accounts has come to the fore but what was interesting is that this had not been a priority before. 28% of the…

Four free reports on the post-pandemic world for banks

I stumbled across a bunch of interesting reports this week, so thought it worth sharing them First, from Deloitte. Admittedly, it’s from October 2020, but it is useful as it tracks the state of digital banking post-COVID19. There are also some interesting charts, so let’s begin with the key takeaways. And then they tracked the…

Banks must personalise services before others do

It strikes to my digital nerve when I see forms that ask for a FAX number. What’s a FAX? Or someone said the other day that I should Xerox that. What’s Xerox? Watching a movie. Investigator is checking paperwork at a hotel and the guy says: “Hey man, are you done or do you need…

The world is good, bad and mad

Like all of us, I’m fed up with coronavirus coverage and Groundhog Day days. I talk to other folks, they feel the same. Then I realise it’s not a World War. I’m not worried about losing my life. I’m not going to take risks and expose myself to the virus, if I can possibly avoid…

Jamie Dimon is scared sh*tless of FinTech

It’s a big moment when one of the most respected bankers in the world Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive of JPMorgan Chase which is one of the most highly valued banks in the world, says that he is “scared shitless” of FinTech. This is a $3.4 trillion banking goliath but, when asked his views…

The Finanser’s Week: 10th January 2021- 17th January 2021

The main blog discussions this week include … What’s going on with Crypto? A year ago, I invested $1,000 in bitcoin. Today, that’s worth $10,000. OK, I made those figures up. I actually invested and have invested and keep investing in bitcoin and, more importantly, ether – the currency of Ethereum – in which I…

An interview with the Elephant

I was really surprised how popular the Elephant became last year. In fact, he seems to have a fan following, so much so that one of my friends who runs media in Europe, Rik Coeckelbergs (The Banking Scene), asked if he could interview the elephant. Here’s what happened … Predictions for 2021: Interview with Chris Skinner,…

How have bankers views changed pre- and post- pandemic? [Free Research]

I recently got involved in some research that Salesforce put together at the end of last year. They surveyed 2,800 financial services leaders in two waves just before and after the pandemic hit. The first was fielded from November 12 through December 12, 2019 that generated responses from 1,400 leaders in insurance, retail banking, and…

The Terminator meets FinTech

I just received this endorsement from Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It’s the Terminator saying I’m a good guy. Amazing and, awww, thanks Arnie. Thing is, it’s fake. It’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger at all. It’s a deep fake. What amazes me is how real it looks – and yes, I will use it in my future presentations…

Money is not about jars and pots

I saw this tweet the other day Finally set up @IFTTT and every time I like your tweet 25p goes into my ‘treat yourself’ Monzo pot and yes that means I just monetised us *both* but dammit let me live!!!! — Liz Ward 🇰🇳🇮🇪🌹 (@LizMaryWard) January 4, 2021 And it made me realise a number…

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