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The FinTech50 2016: these are the game changers

This week is #Money2020Europe week in Copenhagen.  Considering it’s the first time they’ve run Money2020 over here, it’s pretty impressive to have over 3,500 people attending.  I’m chairing a couple of plenary sessions tomorrow with Commerzbank, Tandem Bank and Western Union, and have been tracking events so far.  Lots of …

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Pussy Galore

OK, I see weird things everywhere.  Last week in Japan … But even the Japanese cannot beat the guys in the Middle East.   A few days before I went to Tokyo I was in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at a conference called MEFTECH, where one exhibitor proudly showed …

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Will MoIP impact like VoIP?

I’ve talked about open sourcing banking and finance by converting everything to components (APIs) that can be plug and played into any front-end user experience (UX) through apps and devices, supported by data analytics, cloud and blockchain to reduce and automate the back office. All of this can be summed …

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Open sourced banking – give it to me now

I was reflecting on the demonstrations of Deep Mind against Go Champion Lee Se-Dol along with Watson at CeBIT and other artificial intelligence (AI) developments. It soon becomes apparent that we are evolving rapidly to a state where data learning through data analytics will be the battleground.  In fact, it …

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Banks are not technology companies (yet)

I’ve been illustrating my frustration with incumbent banks for some time, saying that they lack technology leadership.  Almost a third of my new book talks about the biggest challenge for banks to respond to Fintech, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain and all those other issues is to have leadership.  Digital transformation …

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The Next Age of Moneykind: The Future

Having covered four ages of moneykind: Barter Coins Paper Chips What could possibly be the fifth? When we are just at the start of the Internet of Things (IoT), and are building an Internet of Value (ValueWeb), how can we imagine something beyond this next ten year cycle? Well we …

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