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FinTech is not dying … it’s fighting

After this year’s Money 2020 in Las Vegas, there’s lots of doom and gloom. FinTechs struggling for investment, rats leaving sinking ships, companies desperate for bank buyouts and bank support, and so on. Specifically, this commentary on Medium stood out for me: Fintech is Slowly Dying and That’s Good News Fintech was going to eat…

Do we need CBDCs?

I was called out by Nick Kerigan, Head of Innovation at SWIFT, when I accused SWIFT of becoming a sloth a year ago. So, I was interested in the latest announcement that shows the aim of SWIFT to be the arbitrator of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies): SWIFT has successfully shown that Central Bank Digital Currencies…

Paying with a token is card 2.0

I’m watching things every day, and am immersed in DeFi, CeFi, WiFi and HyFi (not forgetting ReFi), but I read something the other day and thought: WTF? Let’s share it. Just bought an airplane ticket without having to add my name to it, and then I listed it to sell it back. This was through the TravelX protocol…

Using blockchain to keep track of every gold bar in the world

During the week I tweeted an interesting quote from a start-up firm "A database using blockchain technology to keep track of almost every gold bar in the world" — Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner) October 16, 2022 The story is based upon a reimagining of the gold trade. As Bloomberg explains: Trading on one of the world’s…

FinTech London’s double bloodbath

I mentioned FinTech London has seen a major bloodbath as companies lost value and growth. Since the start of the pandemic estimates that 4,300 people have left the sector in London. How many more will be leaving now that Britain is seen as a basket case after Liz Truss actions. First there was the…

The FinTech Bloodbath

Back in January, I called 2022 the Big Regression for FinTech. Ten months later, sure enough, it is. Daily headlines about losses and layoffs are gathering non-stop, and storm clouds are gathering fast to demand market change through consolidation and merger. German online bank N26’s losses widen in 2021 as customer growth slows With new cuts, Klarna…

The top technologies for banks now and next year

Two big consulting firms just released interesting reports about technology trends: McKinsey and Bain. McKinsey’s report focuses upon the technologies that matter most, and found 14! As usual, being consultants, they had to put them into a complex chart. And then they assess the impact of these 14 technologies by industry. For financial services, the…

Welcome to the Plastic Bank

For those who follow my thinking, you will know that the latest theme is how can we use technology to make the world a better place (if you don’t, read Digital for Good). The themes are about ESG, climate change, purpose and more, but it came home to me when thinking about children. Children are…

In these days that are dumb, I would rather have no bot

I regularly come back to a theme, which is how cloud computing and the smartphone have changed the world of banking. Why banking? Well, the world of entertainment, flights, shopping and more were changed by the internet in the 2000’s, before these technologies appeared. But when the smartphone and cloud landed, banking was disrupted. Why…

Old bankers don’t retire … they just lose interest

Fifteen years ago, I had a presentation entitled All Bankers Are Criminals. It’s a great title, and was basically all about corruption in the City and how to stop it. Corruption takes place every day. Just as criminals and cybercriminals are trying to steal the money, so are employees and partners. These are the things…

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