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Things worth reading: 10th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … HSBC break-up: HSBC to shed up to 50,000 jobs, slash investment bank HSBC to shed 50,000 jobs in quest for higher payouts HSBC to cut 8,000 jobs in the UK Job cuts overshadow HSBC’s push into Asia HSBC has a new plan. Will it work? HSBC Q&A: The rationale…

Things worth reading: 9th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … HSBC to cut up to 25,000 jobs worldwide, including 8,000 in the UK Renault Group launches new bank in the UK Investors say new boss brings fresh eye to Deutsche Bank's challenges Deutsche Bank Q&A: who is John Cryan, the new British chief exec? Barclays banker who wrote punishing…

Things worth reading: 8th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … ECB plans more health checks for banks in 2016: Nouy in paper HSBC takes new step towards UK exit decision Britain to unveil plans to clean up markets hit by rigging scandals City must be given key role in reforms, Lord Mayor insists Payday lenders aim for low-end consumers…

The Finanser’s Week: 1st June – 7th June 2015

This week's main stories are … Hampered by heritage … or just an old bank dinosaur? I spent a long time talking with banks in Turkey yesterday, and realised that my message is off mark with some markets.  This arose when one of the banks told me they had just been to America to visit…

Invest Northern Ireland

Things worth reading: 5th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Hats off to Swiss regulators for putting HSBC in its place HSBC to pay £28m after money laundering investigation Swiss drop HSBC money laundering inquiry Costly bank transfer fees cost businesses £2bn Greece delays IMF payment, PM to brief angry parliament Lloyds to be hit with record fine for…

Things worth reading: 4th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Libor trial: UBS bosses told staff to rig rates, Tom Hayes claimed City of London's growth to outstrip the rest of the UK Contactless drives 10% rise in cards Women run just 2% of US fund assets Lloyds loses bid to force investors to sell back high-interest bonds Hedge…

Things worth reading: 3rd June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Tom Hayes Libor trial: Sacked trader was 'poised to join rival,' court hears At JPMorgan, voicemail deemed obsolescent Goldman executives take victory lap in debate over business model Ten question Bill Winters must answer about Standard Chartered (and one he can put off) Too big to succeed? Investors want…

Things worth reading: 2nd June 2015

Things we're reading today include … James Moore: Banks' fear of US fines will turn Fifa accounts into hot potatoes HSBC set to cut thousands of jobs globally: Sky News Jerome Kerviel: convenient scapegoat? BofA’s Merrill fined over short selling US banks face challenger in US Treasuries Lloyds shares to be offloaded by UK government…

Things worth reading: 1st June 2015

Things we're reading today include … British banks pay £12bn in penalties Citigroup seen shutting Banamex USA unit: WSJ Lloyds retail share sale confirmed UK banks launch reviews over 'corrupt' Fifa payments China opens door for Visa and MasterCard Dame Colette Bowe interview: How the economist plans to restore our trust in the banks New…

The Finanser’s Month: 11th May – 31st May 2015

 This month's main stories are … The challenges of client onboarding (or why bitcoin will be regulated) I hosted a dinner last night and the conversation was all about client onboarding and the challenge of keeping it fresh.  You get the KYC info, and then the customer is onboard.  But for how long?   Is a…


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