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The Challenging State of British Banking

Anthony Browne

We started the new season of the Financial Services Club last night with meetings in both London and Edinburgh.  The Financial Services Club runs from autumn to summer, and this is our 12th year of operation after starting our first meetings in London in 2004.  Now in 8 countries and …

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Is a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) inevitable?

Elizabeth Warren

So last week I was honoured to present at a conference in Washington just before Senator Elizabeth Warren, the leading voice in America for changing the bank system. Senator Warren made a strong-worded speech condemning big bank mentality.  A few choice comments included a condemnation of Jamie Dimon, who apparently …

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My favourite banking screw up stories

There are so many examples of banks messing up customer accounts around the world that it would be tough to know where to start … except that as I live in Britain, that’s pretty good place to begin. There media here love to regularly report banks messing up, and so …

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As the Bitcoin Foundation fails, banks wake up

Bitcoin foundation

I’ve blogged before about how bitcoin will become institutionalised, that you cannot have money without government, why it needs a Foundation and how a Wild West structure for value exchange will fail.  It’s certainly moving in that direction after the latest revelations about the Bitcoin Foundation, alongside the equally revealing …

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What does ‘too big to fail’ really mean? [Infographic]

I just received this fantastic infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, discussing developments since 2008 and the financial crisis.  The context is whether the Big 5 American Banks are still too big to fail (TBTF), and whether the US government has introduced effective controls under Dodd-Frank to avoid the …

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