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The politics of pandemics (#coronavirus)

Looking back, the world should have locked down when China did in January. The reason we didn’t? Economics, business, commerce and the financial metrics. If we had? Well, we wouldn’t be suffering nearly as much now. But hey, hindsight is a great thing, isn’t it? One of the things that …

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The failure of government (#coronavirus)

I’m really frustrated between what the government is saying, the media is reporting, the behaviour of banks, the thrust of business and the reality of life. Governments worldwide are locking down and, at the same time, saying they’re going to help citizens and business; media is telling everyone there’s help, …

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Are the big banks failing the people?

I wouldn’t usually blog on a Saturday, but these are exceptional times and these are exceptional ideas. I’ve already seen some incredible innovation from start-ups looking to help those in need. For example, I listened to the ideas of Curl on Thursday, who are running a campaign to Save Our …

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