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A future of men ruling the financial planet?

Charlotte Proudman LI

Through the years, I’ve seen a few changes in finance and technology.  We’ve seen dress-down Friday move to dress-down everyday (if you’re a Fintech firm); we’ve seen borders and barriers breaking down between ethnicity and sexual preferences; and we’ve seen globalisation of activities.  But the one thing we haven’t seen …

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25 Fintech Unicorns stumble, but still stampeding


I’ve discovered lots of lists of Fintech unicorns.  The main list is from Jim Bruene; there's a nice list that is from a European's perspective by Bernard Lunn;  and a UK list published by me the other day.  In fact, in preparing some charts yesterday, I scraped the list of Unicorns and …

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Do you believe in Unicorns?


It’s mid-summer and quiet, but there is some interesting stuff still happening, particularly when we talk about Unicorns.  Do you believe in Unicorns? Unicorns, in technology terms, are companies with valuations of more than $1 billion that have launched since 2000. 

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Fintech innovation in Singapore: a hive of activity

I just attended a digital bank bootcamp in Singapore.  It wasn’t much of a bootcamp.  For example, I volunteered to play the Sergeant Major’s role and shout at the audience: “stand up, stand up, get your digital gear on and start delivering, you lazy lackadaisical wunch of bankers” … I …

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Fintech attacks whilst bank CxO’s snooze

Bye bye banks

Since asking a while ago who will be the Uber of banking, I’m fed up with everyone talking about the Uber of banking.  For example, two headlines caught my eye this morning: Visa Invests in Stripe to Prep for the 'Uberization' of Retail; and Will Uber be the Uber of banking? Both stories …

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The One Chart you Need to Understand Fintech

One of my good connections via social media is Huy Nguyen Trieu.  Huy writes a regular blog at Disruptive Finance, as well as being a Managing Director for Macro Structuring at Citi.  He posted something in the last week that I felt was worth re-posting here as a guest blog.   The …

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When everything is free, how do we make money?


I have this mantra in my presentations about payments.  Payments is being attacked by Fintech startups like Klarna, Square, Stripe, Alipay, PayPal (Venmo, Braintree) and more.  In fact, according to VentureScanner, it’s the second most active area for investors after lending (P2P and crowdfunding) …

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The Fintech march into investment banking

One of the readers of the Finanser saw my write-up on asset and wealth management, and asked if I could talk about what’s happening in investment banking.  Answer: yes, I can. It’s more difficult to see the Fintech stars and unicorns in the investment space however, as it’s more opaque …

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Why banks (and PayPal) don’t simplify


As the internet reinvents commerce on this planet, it’s interesting to see the two things that enter the innovation mix: simplicity combined with connectivity.  When you think about the Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Amazon and more, you realise that they have all simplified some complex things from sharing to finding.  …

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