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What are you doing during the #lockdown?

We are all stuck indoors, and I wonder what you are doing? In my case, I’m learning a new language. What are you doing? One of they key things to do, and my other hobby, is keep up with ideas as, during this lockdown, there is still a lot of …

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London is still the major European FinTech centre

FinTech investment numbers are variable dependent upon how they are counted. The number I’ve been using for most of last year is that headline amount of $111.8 billion invested worldwide in over 12,000 start-ups. That number came from KPMG in 2019, who noted that most of that investment was flowing …

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It’s a start-up world

Although most businesses fail in their first year, it is quite incredible just how many start-ups there are around the world doing something interesting with technology. According to Embroker: In 2016, 69% of U.S. entrepreneurs started their business at home. In 2018, there were 145 “active unicorns” in the U.S. collectively …

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Bye-bye FinTech

I just spent time with a bank talking about Doing Digital. The host had read a preview copy of my new book and was asking a few questions about it. What had surprised me the most in my talks with five banks? What lesson was the most important one I …

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To 2020 … and beyond

Looking beyond 2020, there has been a rise of quite a number of folks looking to the longer-term future. Here’s the key ones I’ve picked up on so far. First is Royal Bank of Canada with their Imagine 2025 series. Quite an investment and lots of interviews and insights. The …

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Why is Open Banking so scary?

The UK implemented Open Banking in January 2018 and now, almost two years later, you would think it’s doing really well. This is why the momentum is building. The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) shared figures that show there are 49 million data sharing requests monthly, doubling in just seven …

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