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The Establishment is just PANTS!!!

Pants to Poverty2

I was quite intrigued to hear a speech by Ben Ramsden, Founder and CEO of Pants to Poverty. Ben's talk was all about social business which, when combined with social finance, creates a completely different and new form of commerce that, if the next generation has any say, will compete …

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Forecasting the Future

Some folks are aware that I co-founded the website Shaping Tomorrow and have a passion for all things in the future.  This is because the future is the only thing we cannot know, but we can shape the future and take advantage of opportunities if we spot them before everyone …

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The iPhone 7 and iPad 4

I just noticed that iPad 2 is planned for release on the same day as Blackberry release their Playbook tablet in April 2011.  This will follow the iPhone 5 release in January 2011. But what comes after this?   What will Apple and Android products look like in 2014? Well, …

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The Long Blog about the Long Now

Big Questions

Much of last week was focused on the Long Now and Long Finance for me. Working with a group of thought leaders that included Venessa Miemis, Thierry Touchais, John Hagel, Stefan Nusser, Michael Mainelli, Paul Saffo, Bruce Davis, Brett King, Nova Spivack and more, we debated big topic items all …

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All credit to Jane


Jane wakes to the sound of Michael Bublé on her wristband communicator (a 4G broadband videostrap). She washes and has breakfast before skipping out of the house and onto the metro. As she enters the station, her communicator flags to the metro system that “Jane Smith” has passed through the …

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Think the unthinkable


Many interesting, weird and wonderful things drop into my inbox, Facebook newsfeed and twitter status updates. Take yesterday. I was sent: a copy of the BBA’s Annual Abstract of Banking Statistics, lots of notes from my accountant, various invites to press shindigs, a note from FatBoy Slim, who is an …

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Bank branches and the next gen mobile

Spent a lot of time yesterday talking with folks about the future of money, payments and banking. The conversation got interesting in two particular areas: branches and mobile services. This is because I realised some things. Take branches. There appears to be an evolution of branch usage from underbanked economies …

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With perfect foresight, where would you invest?

I recently blogged a lot about 10,000 year thinking, the Long Now and how it relates to financial services. If you missed it, then here’s the info: The Long Now of Finance, Part One The Long Now of Finance, Part Two The Long Now of Finance, Part Three In fact, …

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Financial innovation @Finovate


Whilst I hid in Singapore last week, Finovate – the excellent financial innovation conference run by Jim Bruene and co at NetBanker – took place in San Francisco.  I wanted to go this year, as Finovate is definitely the one place you will find the NEXT generation of banking and …

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Why payments innovations are rubbish!

Here's my latest retail payments focused presentation.  It's premise is that there's loads of innovation out there, with micropayments and iPhone apps being hotbeds of innovation for developed economies whilst microfinance and 2G GSM messaging being creative fields for developing economies.  However, all of these innovations are just froth on …

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