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Social Media Survey

Brett King, author of the new book Bank 2.0 – which I can recommend to those of you working with social media in finance as a focus – has worked with me in the past few weeks, analysing the inital and general results from our social media survey. Almost 450 …

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Davos: the Future of the Global Financial System

Just found a report from this year’s Davos that explores the forces that are shaping the future of the financial services landscape in the near term, and provides tools to approach the most pressing challenges of the post-crisis world, namely: managing and resolving governments’ newly acquired equity interests in financial …

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2013 Vision of Banking

Commonwealth Bank of Australia put this video onto YouTube the other day: It's a vision of 2013.  Come back here in three years and see if it's come true! I'm fairly sure that, if it is, then this is how you'll be getting to work (thanks to Barclaycard): Cool!  

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You might miss this regulation, but don’t

With so much hullabaloo about banker's bonus taxes, taxes on liabilities, a return to narrow banking, the closure of leveraged prop trading, bankers versus Obama, Sarkozy and Davos, you might miss a few key changes in emphasis. For example, the bankers view as demonstrated by Bob Diamond's comments yesterday: 'World …

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This year’s big thing: Augmented Reality

I’ve been noticing more and more apps for providing information about our environment. Known as augmented reality – rather than artificial reality where you go into a completely fictitious world – the use of such services is increasing rapidly. A good example is the SkyMap app on the Google Android mobile: Simply holding up …

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Battleground 2010: Sharks versus Gorillas

West Side Story

After West Side Story, the Sharks got over the Jets and are now targeting the Gorillas. Actually nothing to do with music or film, we’re talking banks. Back in the 1950s you had large banks (Sharks) being run around by small banks (Jets) who were nimbler and quicker … so …

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A few incorrect predictions for 2009

After reviewing how my five predictions for 2009 did, I was fascinated to get a note from Business Week  with the ten worst predictions made for the year. Mine did not make the list, but my good friend Stephen Timewell from the Banker is on there: "In short, under the …

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Five predictions: were they right?


Back in January, I made five firm predictions for banking in 2009. Those predictions were: More major European and American banks disappear There will be some spectacular failures in the BRIC economies A Global Financial Regulatory Body is formed The US will drop IFRS Solvent banks gain major market share. …

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Sberbank’s Branch of the Future


There have been many attempts to create the branch of the future (Accenture, IBM, John Ryan … Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, Umpqua Bank …), and so I was intrigued to hear that Sberbank in Russia had made a major investment in creating a flagship branch in Moscow. I meant to …

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Your next employee (Part Two)

Back in August, I blogged about the new generation of employee. This week, I joined a presentation with JP Rangaswami to talk about the impact of technology on our lives, and the subject of Gen Y and the new generation of staff came up again. For those of you who …

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3,238 days to the end of the cheque


With the news that the cheque will end its life as a valid payments instrument in the UK on 31st October 2018, it's worth reminding all that it's not just old people who use them: But that the main usage is with businesses, who want to keep cheques. Because they …

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