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What is identity?

I’ve been close to Peter Vander Auwera for many years, thanks to Innotribe. He retired a few years ago on bitcoin – I wonder how many times I will use that line? – and became an artist. Great guy. But he’s still tracking me and others in the Finverse and posted this yesterday. It’s so…

In the Finverse, trading is just gaming in reality

Building on the Finverse, I always remember the big trading scandals of the 2000s with Jérôme Kerviel of Société Générale and Kweku Adoboli of UBS. In fact, it probably applies to all rogue traders of notoriety, including the most infamous one, Nick Leeson of Barings Bank. What did they all have in common? Gaming. You…

The debate about whether to use slides or not

After talking about presentations yesterday, I’ve spent a long time presenting with slides. The slides help to tell the stories. Moving from slides with lots of text and bullet points to slides with pictures was my thing. Then slide decks with embedded video became a thing. Now, presentations with GIFs, video, pictures, text and a…

How to give a great presentation

I’ve been presenting all my life. The first time someone said do a presentation, I was so nervous that the words came out with a stutter, the structure of my speech was a mess, there was no confidence and the audience seemed to be hissing and booing. Sometimes they still do that, yet presenting has…

But what’s the sinker?

So we’ve got our hook and lines set up. Now for the sinker! This was an approach I developed through working in various companies in marketing, sales and consulting roles. I call this bit the real cake (remember it’s a layer cake?). The hook is the topping, the lines are the cream and jam, the…

How do you find ‘the hook’?

I talked yesterday about how to do my layer cake for a hook, line and sinker marketing structure. It made me remember generating this approach so I dug out an old document that discussed how to generate a hook. The hook is meant to be thrown to get the fish interested. What hook can we…

Hook, line and sinker: how to do marketing (part one of many)

As it’s August and everyone is on holiday, I’m going to deviate a little bit from my usual daily blogging and talk about two other things: How to do sales and marketing How to explain FinTech to your kids You may wonder how I can talk about how to do sales and marketing, but didn’t…

The Idiocracy that is Britain: COVID or COVOID?

I’m reflecting on COVID rules. As a guy who lives in Europe, the rules are that I need to fill in passenger locator forms, get a pre-flight COVID test (fit to fly), and a landing form registered with a QR code. It’s challenging and clunky, but turns out to be actually quite easy and no…

The future has no flags

I grew up as an Englishman. Then I became British. Now, I’m a European. But then we had Brexit and all the other stuff. Yet now I live in Poland. I believe in a world of the future that has no borders, no flags, no barriers. Am I deluded? During my lifetime, the world has…

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