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You should take Bitcoin seriously

British Airways

I realised that it was over ten years ago when I started banging on about mobile payments and tablet computing.  It struck me particularly when I revived this video that I made back in 2000. From Chris Skinner's videos on Vimeo Some would say that video was / is visionary.  I would say …

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Mobile payments explode in India

Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 10.52.38

I was jut updating a presentation about mobile payments. The presentation was from May 2011 and talked extensively about Google Wallet, Square and M-PESA. One year on and the presentation still talks about the same things but I am shocked and amazed about how much things have changed in just …

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Do you believe in NFC?


I ‘ve been talking about contactless for years now  - I remember talking about the Octopus card system about ten years ago after it launched in Hong Kong in 1997 – and still find it surprising how invisible it is. Sure it got some coverage at the Olympics but some, like Forrester, …

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Get ready for Facebook banking

Citi tweet

There’s a buzz that’s started about Facebook banking asCommonwealth Bank of Australia and ICICI Bank get into Facebook banking apps, with Citibank fast to follow. What’s going on? Originally, we all though Facebook would take over bank functions through stealth creep via Facebook credits. Facebook credits are in fact worth …

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Are payments infrastructures fit for purpose?

As per our regular research surveys, the Financial Services Club is repeating the survey started in 2011 reviewing the changing face of payments infrastructures. We would be delighted if you would join this year’s survey: click here to take part. By participating, you are guaranteed to receive a copy of …

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