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Core systems should have built-in obsolescence

Talking about moving from proprietary to open, from controlled to marketplace and from internal to external focus, another key change is the very nature of technology itself.  It’s quite clear that a start-up today could launch with just a few thousand dollars, Amazon Web Services and a bright idea.  There …

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Of course we need to rip up the roads

I often write some things that I don’t believe, such as yesterday’s blog about the fact that we don’t need to rip up the roads.  Of course we need to rip up the roads, because our mode of transport has changed dramatically.  A great example of this change is just the …

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Banks are not dying

I was having a nice relaxing Sunday, when alerted to a tweetfest taking place between industry heavyweights Simon Taylor (an ex-banker) and Mariano Belinky (a banker).  It all started with: Fintech didn’t disrupt banks but banks are slowly dying. Creating an ever growing opportunity for #fintech — Simon Taylor (@sytaylor) …

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Which countries are leading financial inclusion?

Building upon Friday’s discussion of how the system treats the poor, there are interesting movements afoot at the Brookings Institute.  If you’re not familiar with Brookings, it is one of America’s oldest Think Tanks and provides independent research into social sciences, particularly economics, governance and foreign policy, for the US …

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