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The Finanser’s Week: 18th September – 24th September 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … Can you answer these four questions? It made me laugh. Someone posed the question: what is the hiring process for fintech? After a short thought, my reply was to ask the candidate four questions: What do you think about banks? Define Python for me. Why did Schrodinger have…

The Finanser’s Week: 11th September – 17th September 2023

The main blog discussions this week include … A new Payment Services Directive, PSD3: what’s in it? In June, the EU put forward proposals for a new Payment Services Directive, PSD3. Having been involved in these developments since their inception in the 2000s, I was intrigued to read the text of PSD3, particularly as the…

The Finanser’s Week: 4th September – 10th September 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … What happens to crypto when you die? It used to be simple: you died, left a will, told everyone where the money was, they shared it. Now, is it more complex? You die, leave a will, tell everyone where the money is … but the password was changed…

The Finanser’s Week: 28th August – 3rd September 2023

This week’s main blog discussions included … 50 shades of green – is your bank sustainable? I was recently wondering which banks are the most green. Names come to mind like Co-operative Bank (UK), Triodos Bank (Netherlands), Alandsbanken (Finland), MyBank (China), Amalgamated Bank (America) and more, but they are few and far between. Some are…

The Finanser’s Week: 21st August – 27th August 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … The best challenger bank in the world? Brazil’s FinTech giant Nubank just crushed its 2Q 2023 earnings. We have never seen growth like NU’s in any challenger bank. In fact, some would claim – including me – that this ten-year-old company is not only the strongest neobank in…

The Finanser’s Week: 14th August – 20th August 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … What will happen when your brain is ’embedded’? I was thinking about embedded, intelligent finance and imagining the future. There are many scenarios, but one that I kept returning to is when you have infi inside (intelligent finance inside). A chip in your brain, and you can run…

The Finanser’s Week: 7th August – 13th August 2023

The main blog discussions this week include … You can’t handle the truth My typical day is spent with news channels in the background. It makes me feel like I’m in an office. The non-stop chat and talk of people about the problems of our world. Thing is that, the more you hear global news,…

The Finanser’s Week: 31st July – 6th August 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … Is the City going the way of the shopping mall? I’ve blogged several times that, as people move to online everything, the retail main street stores and shopping malls are dying. In a similar fashion, bank branches are closing faster than ever and becoming restaurants or coffee houses…

The Finanser’s Week: 24th July – 30th July 2023

This week’s main blog discussions include … Should a bank close a customer’s account because they disagree with their views? From The Times: ‘Until last summer, Nigel Farage had dealt with the same relationship manager at Coutts for years. Then Mark Pierce left for the rival private bank Arbuthnot Latham, and responsibility for the outspoken…

The Finanser’s Week: 10th July – 17th July

This week’s main blog discussions include … The Evolution of Fintech and Its Impact on Banking: A Paradigm Shift by ChrisGPT I asked ChatGPT to write an article in my style. Here’s what it came up with: Introduction In the fast-paced world of finance, few have embraced the power of technology and innovation as passionately…

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