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Banks as Value Systems Integrators

Competency Roadmap

I regularly use the line that banks will become Value Systems Integrators, but haven’t blogged about this much, so here’s the explanation. Banks have historically controlled the value chain of finance from deposits to credit.  Because of this, banks have become control freaks, believing they have to build and manage …

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Question: change the bank or launch a new bank?


So I was talking about the big challenges of creating a Digital Bank, and am reminded of the approaches that banks take to do this. The first is the hardest, and it’s the one I described last week: transformation. A transformational bank process – where the whole bank’s business model …

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Three key steps to becoming a Digital Bank

I had a fascinating conversation with a bank about digital strategies, and am now well versed in my approach.  A bank has to redesign itself from the ground up to be digital.  It’s not a channel or an add-on, but fabric and foundation of the new way to bank.  Old …

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Digital banks think differently

Experience Design

Six years ago, when #innotribe first started at #sibos, we were given the chance to pitch an idea.  My team’s idea was to integrate the trust you have built in the social network into the financial credit scoring system, and give you a trust score that could be leveraged by …

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The Digital Bank Debate Continues


I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had a great twitter debate between Brett King and Michal Panowicz, with others joining like Jim Marous and myself. The debate is now being staged live at Next Bank New York tomorrow.  It’s not so much a rumble in the jungle but …

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What do narrow banks mean for wide banks?

Funding Circle 200515

In this world of choice that emerges from the integration of new technology models and old financial models, we see hybrid systems emerging that bring together the best-of-the-best.  A great example was announced today, as Metro Bank and Zopa join forces.  The deal allows deposits from Metro Bank retail customers …

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