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The FinTech Weekly Round-up by Anna Irrera

Friend of the Financial Services Club and journalist with Financial News Anna Irrera has recently started producing a weekly roundup of FinTech news.  She’s kindly agreed to let me republish this summary here on The Finanser, so here goes: Once upon a time it was all blockchain!blockchain!blockchain!…Now it’s all brexit!brexit!brexit!  Fintech lobby …

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Fintech 1, 2 and 3.0 … there’s an elephant in the room and it’s under attack

I was piqued by Victor Matarranz’s [SEVP Head of Group Strategy and Chairman’s Office, Banco Santander] presentation at MoneyConf last week, mainly because he began by talking about Fintech 1.0 versus Fintech 2.0. Fintech 1.0 he defined as the emergence of peer-to-peer lenders and new payments companies between 2010 and …

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Financial Inclusion, Digital Identity and the White House

Just to mop up the final discussions at the White House #FinTech summit, there was a fourth panel on financial inclusion.  This panel comprised, from left to right: Gayle Smith, Administrator, USAID; Jo Ann Barefoot, Senior Fellow, Mossovar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government, Harvard Kennedy School; Greta Bull, CEO, CGAP …

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#FinTech is all about human-centred design

As you can tell, I found the White House meeting so interesting that I’m gonna bore you about it all week.  Today is the turn of how FinTech can make us live smarter, better and more informed lives.  That theme resonates as Moven’s strapline is to spend, save and live smarter (guess …

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Nurturing start-ups and SMEs through FinTech

The second White House panel discussion focused upon small business funding, an area close to my heart as it’s an area that has exploded with opportunity thanks to FinTech.  I often reflect that FinTech is not disrupting or destroying banking, but that FinTech is augmenting banking by serving markets previously …

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