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This week’s FU!

Holidays are all about taking a break and it seems Goldman Sachs is thinking about taking a break from their relationship with Apple. Will this be the end of their foray into consumer finance after losing more than $3 BILLION since 2020 on their experiment? SOME of the cast of the show managed to meet…

Fintech Uncut 29 (#FU29): Who wants a CBDC?

CBDCs were in the headlines again this week as the European Commission unveiled their legislative proposal for a digital euro, but does anyone actually want it? There were elements of the announcement that caught our attention that the team thought could kill the business case (if there even is one to begin with). Britcoin, physical…

This week’s FU! (Episode 28)

A major bank points to a $15 trillion potential wave crashing through financial services – will this be a bigger disaster than climate change or the opportunity of a lifetime for financial services? Will the IPO of a 183 year old bank on the London Stock exchange give a much needed boost to investor confidence?…

This week’s FU (Fintech Uncut)

One of the world’s biggest VC firms announced its opening its first office outside the USA and expanding to the UK. WHY?? is the question on the team’s minds! Guest Judge Conny Dorrestijn brought some much needed “RI” (REAL INTELLIGENCE) to the show, adding great insights and provocative points to the conversation which included news…

This week’s Fintech Uncut (FU!)

Will Fintechs kill banks? Will AI kill us? Did Money2020 Europe kill the half of the team that attended? The short answers are no, no and no and for the longer answers we’re afraid you’ll just have to watch / listen to the show! Oh … and both Rik and Chris broke out in song this time (but…

This week’s Fintech Uncut

A major Global Bank registered a trademark this week for a “ChatGPT like” service to help clients with investment advice although global finfluencer Paolo Sironi thinks they aren’t taking “FU” into account in their algorithms. It seems our quizmaster Rik might have been spending a bit too much time with ChatGPT this week as he busts…

This week’s FU!

RIP Tina Turner – she might not have been the first to sing “Simply The Best” but she certainly was one of the greatest artists of all time in our books. Another great lady to hit the headlines this week was “The Darling of Starling” – Anne Boden, who announced she will be stepping down as CEO…

Fintech Uncut (#FU23)

Will the USA default on its debt or just raise the ceiling? Another horror story from the ranks of Revolut and more excuses from bank execs who never seem to shoulder the blame for anything! AND – that’s now the second episode in a row where the team didn’t mention Elon Musk – yes, we…

This week’s Fintech Uncut (FU#22)

OK – technically the BoE director of Fintech, Tom Hutton, said that cryptocurrency doesn’t “fulfil any of the functions of money” – but isn’t that the same thing? Maybe he had a hidden agenda? Who knows – but what we do know is that it seems to pay to take over failing banks as yet…

This week’s FinTech Uncut (FU #21)

This week we’ve seen three different headlines about 3 different banks, all with a familiar thread running through the stories. Are they all following the same playbook and will more of the same unfold as the year progresses? Links to the stuff we spoke about:- Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a new report in collaboration with…

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