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Future visions in video

As anyone who tracks this blog knows, I love all things futuristic.  Via Rob Findlay I discovered this video yesterday from Corning Glass … … apart from being the perfect family in the perfect house with the perfect lifestyle, I thought it was pretty good. As is this one, demonstrating …

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Banking on Angry Birds


Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been hopelessly devoted to Angry Birds, along with about 75 million other people. 75 million! That’s 75 million playing a game on their smartphone. That’s more than the whole population of Britain all playing Angry Birds. Wow! How did that happen and what’s …

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Banking in 2020


I’ve been asked recently to think about banking in 2020. That’s ten years away and, if we cast our memories back ten years, it’s quite a leap. Ten years ago, we had lots of themes bubbling away including customer-centricity, technological leapfrogs through internet banking, increasing pressures on branches and branch …

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A new banking system for social life

Some time ago I was having a debate about social networks and the problems of where they overlap with professional networks. For example, when I first registered on Facebook, I connected with everyone I knew – family, friends and business acquaintances. The result is that I have a completely messed …

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Six key technology developments for banks in 2011

Jennifer Aniston

Looking at technology specifically in financial services, there are many that are being cited as hot for 2011: More social media developments as firms like Foursquare, Groupon and Quora add functionalities not seen before; More bank mobile apps, with clever structures and device-specific security; The creation of new retail payments …

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2011: The Banking Year Ahead

The Banking Year Ahead. Sounds like some sort of swear word but no, it’s all to do with predictions time. What are the big events of 2011 going to be? Barack Obama begins the campaign trail for election 2012. North Korea ignites a battle with South Korea that sees a …

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A few predictions for 2111 …


Welcome to 2011 and I hope you all had a lovely, jubbly holiday. I did … sitting around eating lots, drinking lots, getting nice presents lots, being with family lots, watching TV lots, not being on twitter or blogging lots … oh, what fun. And so back to work … …

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Inspiration for #Wikileaks DDoS hive

I was following the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Visa, MasterCard and PayPal closely during the supporters campaign to target those financial firms who had cut any ties with Wikileaks. The group amalgamated under a twitter hashtag #operationpayback, and posted a variety of notes about who to target …

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The Establishment is just PANTS!!!

Pants to Poverty2

I was quite intrigued to hear a speech by Ben Ramsden, Founder and CEO of Pants to Poverty. Ben's talk was all about social business which, when combined with social finance, creates a completely different and new form of commerce that, if the next generation has any say, will compete …

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Forecasting the Future

Some folks are aware that I co-founded the website Shaping Tomorrow and have a passion for all things in the future.  This is because the future is the only thing we cannot know, but we can shape the future and take advantage of opportunities if we spot them before everyone …

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The iPhone 7 and iPad 4

I just noticed that iPad 2 is planned for release on the same day as Blackberry release their Playbook tablet in April 2011.  This will follow the iPhone 5 release in January 2011. But what comes after this?   What will Apple and Android products look like in 2014? Well, …

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The Long Blog about the Long Now

Big Questions

Much of last week was focused on the Long Now and Long Finance for me. Working with a group of thought leaders that included Venessa Miemis, Thierry Touchais, John Hagel, Stefan Nusser, Michael Mainelli, Paul Saffo, Bruce Davis, Brett King, Nova Spivack and more, we debated big topic items all …

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All credit to Jane


Jane wakes to the sound of Michael Bublé on her wristband communicator (a 4G broadband videostrap). She washes and has breakfast before skipping out of the house and onto the metro. As she enters the station, her communicator flags to the metro system that “Jane Smith” has passed through the …

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