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The future of payments and technology

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Andrew Vorster, Vice President of R&D and Adam Banks, Chief Technology Officer for Visa Europe delivered a fascinating double act at the Financial Services Club the other night. The theme of the presentation was: the future of payments and technology, and covered seven key trends that Andrew and Adam have …

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Do banks need branches?


We had a great debate at the Financial Services Club last night, picking up on that perennial debating point: do banks need branches? In the pro-branch corner were Anthony Thomson, co-founder of Metrobank and Ron Whatford, former Chief Experience Officer with Lloyds Banking Group; in the anti-branch corner were Mark …

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The future bank will be like Siri

I spent a day strategising with one of the Middle Eastern banks about the launch of a direct bank service.  One of the key questions they asked me is: do we organise the back office in the same way as our contact centre and internet bank service? The easy answer …

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The uprising

I spent some time contemplating history last week, and realised just how many times we have been through moments like this. The Civil War in Britain; the storming of the Bastille in France; the Russian Revolution; the themes of many German philosophers during the 1800s, such as Karl Marx and …

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The City of London in 2050


I’ve blogged a lot about the history of the City of London, but what about its future? Right now, we could all imagine there won’t be one, but there is. It’s just going to be different. Now, I could speculate on the wholesale restructuring of British Banking and British bank …

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