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Fintech 1, 2 and 3.0 … there’s an elephant in the room and it’s under attack

I was piqued by Victor Matarranz’s [SEVP Head of Group Strategy and Chairman’s Office, Banco Santander] presentation at MoneyConf last week, mainly because he began by talking about Fintech 1.0 versus Fintech 2.0. Fintech 1.0 he defined as the emergence of peer-to-peer lenders and new payments companies between 2010 and …

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FU EU #Brexit

Well, like all of you, I wake up this morning to find that the UK has decided to tell Europe to fork off.  You probably think I’m going to blog about what it all means and the implications for financial markets (I did that the other day and back in …

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Should we stay or should we go? [#Brexit]

I chaired a really interesting debate yesterday between MP John Redwood and former MEP Baroness Sharon Bowles at the Association of UK Payments Institutions conference.  The discussion was should we stay or should we go, or the Brexit if you prefer. John Redwood has spent years as a Eurosceptic, standing …

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Solving the Insolvable: the Water ATM

In a final post about African transformation through technology, I’ve covered the key themes: mobile financial inclusion, smartphone innovation through apps, digital currencies and blockchain identities.  One thing missed is a mention of the Water ATM. I hadn’t heard of automated machines for water being deployed before, although it started …

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As machines take over, what will happen to the people?

I’m often asked, as we move more and more to digital communications: what will happen to the people?  What will happen to the people?  As we move to robotics, automated agents, augmented and artificial intelligence, what will happen to the people.  If we have no branches, no structures and no …

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