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The Finanser’s Week: 19th December – 8th January 2017

The blogs over the holiday period included … LOOKING FORWARD TO 2017 10 predictions for 2017 There are lots of predictions being made for 2017.  After all, it’s that time of year.  So, having reviewed whether mine were right or wrong at the end of 2016, my first blog for 2017 is to make 10…

The best FinTech podcasts out there and 10 FinTech trends for 2017

Anna Jacobson recently wrote a nice update, highlighting the best FinTech podcasts out there, including: Brett King’s Breaking Banks podcast looks at the ‘best of the best’ in the emerging FinTech sector and documents how the loss of trust, rapid consumer behavior shifts, massive technological changes, and increasing government scrutiny are disrupting the banking industry.  I’m a regular co-host…

5 Banking Tech Trends for 2017

I kept Tuesday’s blog entry short because I knew that everyone was making predictions and writing much more in-depth pieces.  Today’s guest blog entry is from Finanser friend David Horton. David wrote a great piece on LinkedIn over the holidays providing his five banking technology predictions for 2017 and has kindly allowed me to replicate it here….

Top 10 Retail Banking Trends for 2017

I kept yesterday’s blog entry short because I knew that today’s was long, and it’s a guest blog entry from my good friend Jim Marous.  Jim produces a great report each year, curating the thoughts of 100 industry leaders including myself, on what is going to happen in the year ahead.  Summarizing this year’s report,…

10 predictions for 2017

There are lots of predictions being made for 2017.  After all, it’s that time of year.  So, having reviewed whether mine were right or wrong at the end of 2016, my first blog for 2017 is to make 10 predictions for 2017. Rather than making this a long and detailed blog update, it’s just 10…

The most read blog entries of 2016 (#fintech, #blockchain, #platforms)

I was looking through Google Analytics to see which of my blog entries had been most read in 2016.  Here’s the list and, as you will see, it’s mostly people reading about blockchain news, although how to change the bank, fintech and innovation all get high rankings too. The top ten trends in banking innovation…

The Twelve Banking Days of Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly and, in that spirit, I thought it was time to update some of our Christmas songs.  Here’s the revised version of the twelve days of Christmas ….   On the first day of Christmas my big bank sent to me: A diamond in an APR loan.   On the…

What else happened in 2016?

I join in several different podcasts globally, and am a regular on a few. One of those is FinTech Insider, who just recorded an episode that will be released in three parts on December 26, 27 and 29.  The reason is that it is in three parts is that there were seven of us in the…

Did my predictions come true?

The first week of January each year I make a range of predictions about what’s to come.  The last week of December each year, I look back at my predictions and call myself out as to whether I was right or wrong.   So here were the predictions made back in January: PayPal will be a…

2016: the year that was

I blogged a while ago about Anthony Browne, the Chief Executive of the British Bankers Association (BBA), talking at the Financial Services Club about the challenges facing banks.  He covered it in five big areas of change: Regulation Competition between banks Competition between countries and regions Governance and ethics Digitalisation There are a few other…

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