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Tom Blomfield on what purpose-driven banking means


I’m working on a new book project. You might have spotted the themes in my recent blog entries but, if not, it’s all about purpose. The tagline is: if you don’t stand for something, you fall down, and is focused upon stakeholder capitalism. ESG, CSR and all that stuff and more. So, I’ve been watching for leaders who talk about…

Failure is the best thing for you


One of my most popular blogs, which surprised me, was when I wrote about how redundancy was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s true. I learned more from failure than I ever learned from success. I learn more from hardship than I ever learn from complacency. It’s not true for everyone. It’s…

Are banks funding our extinction?


Readers of my blog may have realised that, over recent years, I’ve become a little bit passionate about saving the world. It’s our world. It’s the only one we’ve got. I’m quite keen to keep it here for that reason. Whilst coronavirus, disease and pandemics drive our thinking, we should not forget that there are…

The 11 P’s of Banking and 4 P’s of the Banking Mix

Digital Bankby

When I was growing up with learning management skills, one of those I focused upon was marketing and Kotler’s 4 P’s. If you’re not familiar it’s all about product, price, promotion and place. It’s something easy to remember, but then most folks are hard pushed to remember more than three things. That’s a shame as…

What’s next, after digital?


I was invited to do a keynote for a Canadian conference the other day, but on a subject different to my normal digital stuff. The theme was sustainable finance. I decided to take a different tack and talk about my other big passion: purpose-driven banking. Here’s the presentation and transcript. Trust it makes sense ……

Coronavirus must lead to a more inclusive society, says Jamie Dimon


If you didn’t spot it the other day, there was a headline that caught my eye: Jamie Dimon says coronavirus crisis is ‘wake-up call’ for a more inclusive economy I smiled and seethed, as it was covered widely with the words above combined with says the billionaire. I smiled as it plays to my message…

Purpose-driven banking research finds a 9% uplift in revenues


A lot of things seem irrelevant right now, as we sit in the dark of a crisis, but life will go on and things do go on. It therefore intrigued me to see that Accenture has just performed a survey around purpose-driven banking. Purpose-driven banking is something I started writing about almost a year ago…

Will you avoid companies that put profit before people?


I’ve been writing a lot about purpose-driven banking, a theme that resonates around the idea that business focus should be more than just making money. It should also focus upon doing good for society and the planet. So, I was particularly struck by this quote from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, in an interview with…

Mark Carney: Central Banker and Climate Activist

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On Sunday, Mark Carney leaves the Bank of England after almost seven years at the helm. There’s an interesting review of Mark Carney’s tenure as Governor of the Bank of England on Bloomberg. Joining the Bank back in 2013, before the Scottish referendum and Brexit vote, it charts his seven years in charge as he…

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