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The Finanser’s Week: 24th August – 30th August 2015

Our main stories this week include … Get serious about blockchain Having noted that most bankers are now saying bitcoin bad, blockchain good, here’s a nice set of quotes I’ve been gathering of what banks are actually saying:  … What can banks learn from the Ashley Madison affair? So we’ve all seen the headlines about Ashley Madison,…


Things worth reading: 28th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … Bob Diamond's African bank Atlas Mara makes its maiden profit One in 65 Britons is now a millionaire The death of cash: 40pc say they will not need it by 2025 Aldermore profits double after float Barclays 'Flash Boys' case is thrown out Accountants overwhelmingly in favour of the…

Things worth reading: 27th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … Federal Reserve Increasing Scrutiny of Bank Payment Systems This guy turned 22 last week — but he's about to launch a startup RBS wants to partner with Poland’s banks caught in election crossfire Barclays 'dark pool' lawsuit thrown out by judge Make up your mind on banking regulation South…

Things worth reading: 26th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … Bank of Scotland is most complained-about bank, watchdog reveals 'Not all about China,' says India's Rajan Five charts that suggest Black Monday isn't the start of the next financial crisis Banks fear handicap under EU bonus rules Investment banking: Titans retreat PPI and packaged bank accounts bring in more…

Things worth reading: 25th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … FTSE 100 loses £104 billion in value in one day as China stock slide prompts global selloff China censoring Black Monday on country’s biggest search engine, Baidu, stopping citizens looking for information about financial chaos China's Black Monday explained: What is it – and how will it affect you?…

Things worth reading: 24th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … Deutsche Bank mulls the potential of blockchain and the problem of legacy systems Singapore bank gets name wrong on special note packs Bank litigation costs hit $260bn — with $65bn more to come Banks in new drive to make customers switch World's richest billionaires lose $182 billion in one…

The Finanser’s Week: 17th August – 23rd August 2015

Our main stories this week include … Mobile wallet wars: Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Android Pay I know I write about Apple Pay quite often, but was surprised to hear that one of my colleagues recently purchased an iMac in the Apple Store using his Apple Watch and Apple Pay.  Yes, he’s an…

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Things worth reading: 21st August 2015

Things we're reading today include … Ex-head of New York bank sentenced to two-and-a-half years prison for TARP fraud Banks' gentle words are at odds with Glencore reality Co-op Bank tripled its net loss and it is likely to remain in the red until 2017 No profit until 2017, says Co-op Bank Currency wars in…

Things worth reading: 20th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … Bank of England probes insurers' cyber defences Wake up, Whitehall: Lazard isn’t the only advisory shop Promontory settles over StanChart probe Andy Murray goes on crowdfunding spree JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley to form data company: WSJ Greece debt crisis: German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffers biggest revolt yet, but…

Things worth reading: 19th August 2015

Things we're reading today include … A Bank for People Who Hate Banks Bank of England analysts believe Twitter could help predict a bank run, early signs of unemployment data and market movements In Germany, 60 conservative MPs oppose Merkel course on Greece How three internships cost an American bank $15m Zopa lobbies for peer-to-peer…

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