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Things worth reading: 25th June 2015

Things we're reading today include: UBS rogue trader Kweku Adoboli released from prison RBS shareholders have expressed fury at bank chief Sir Philip Hampton's 'terrible legacy' U.S. SEC and JPMorgan in talks to settle probe regarding product steering: WSJ Exclusive: JPMorgan executive chosen to rebuild transaction-policing unit leaves Guess what delaying banker bonuses means. Yep,…

Things worth reading: 24th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … RBS pledges return to normality by 2019 – 11 years after its £45bn taxpayer bail-out RBS chief Sir Philip Hampton is leaving 'terrible legacy' after six years at helm U.S. firms fear financing drought as deadline looms for trade bank Australia to join China-led bank 'Business as usual' for…

Things worth reading: 22nd June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Tech glitch forces internet-only bank Atom to seek deal with high street lender Victor Blanked: How bank boss was made crisis scapegoat when the shares in Lloyds turned toxic ‘Hi, your bank here. Need cheap suncream?’ Welcome to the future of mobile apps RBS chairman warns on ringfencing rules…

The Finanser’s Week: 15th June – 21st June 2015

This week's main stories are … The Digital Bank Debate Continues I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had a great twitter debate between Brett King and Michal Panowicz, with others joining like Jim Marous and myself. The debate continues, as there were too many reports coming out at the weekend signalling the death…


Things worth reading: 19th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Fears grow over Greek banks' health Another Greek tragedy Greek debt crisis: The picture that shows the pain of the nation falling apart Desperate Greeks turn to Vladimir Putin for help as country teeters on edge of bankrupcy Russia faces $100bn corporate debt mountain Guernsey outraged by its inclusion…

Things worth reading: 18th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Is Britain really the new land of unicorns? (That's start-ups with $1bn-plus valuations) Mark Carney failed to consult Bank of England experts over RBS 'Missing' NatWest payments won't be recovered until Saturday NatWest's latest glitch is a perfect metaphor of problems facing UK banks Goldman Sachs introduces curfews for…

Things worth reading: 17th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Lloyds' boss to support bank ring-fence We should seek EU-wide tax rules on multinationals Nearly £4bn in loans returned to taxpayer from UK's 'bad banks' If Greece can wreck it, how strong was euro in the first place? JPMorgan wins dismissal of shareholder lawsuit over London Whale UK loses…

Things worth reading: 15th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Bank branch use falls 6% as customers embrace digital advances Mobile banking has eclipsed branches and even the rest of the internet The hi-tech future of banking, coming to an app near you soon A Bank CEO Said Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Understand Wall Street. Her Response Was Perfect. Big…

The Finanser’s Week: 8th June – 14th June 2015

This week's main stories are … Banks question Fintech disruption … and ask the wrong question I recently attended a conference in America, where the audience of mainly bankers could post questions to the speaker.  During the digital bank discussion, here are the questions that came in and, purely because they are fairly common in…

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Things worth reading: 12th June 2015

Things we're reading today include … Five reasons George Osborne is desperate to sell off RBS From bailout to sale: RBS’s traumatic seven years RBS shares jump after Chancellor George Osborne signals sell-off Banker in ABN deal returns for RBS sale Flint sparks up HSBC’s defence HSBC could be downgraded, Fitch warns If HSBC is…

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