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What actually happened at OpenAI and the sacking of Sam Altman?

I was going to write an in-depth analysis of what actually happened at OpenAI … Me: I want the truth! ChatGPT: You can't handle the truth!!! — Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner) November 20, 2023 … but Bloomberg beat me to it. In their article Doomed Mission Behind Sam Altman’s Shock Ouster From OpenAI, by Max Chafkin and Rachel…

Poland’s rise as a tech hub of Europe

Why am I writing about Poland? First answer, because I am married to a Polish lady. We met in a night club where she was on the dancefloor … I’ve always been attracted to Pole dancers. Second, because I moved to Poland five years ago and it is a fascinating country. One of Europe’s fastest…

What are you saying? Make it clear …

I’ve spent my life in marketing, sales, consulting, development, technology and finance. It’s been a good one. It’s also the reason why I roam around many different topics on this blog, and sometimes talk about more generic things than specific things. So, today’s blog is generic and not specific. It’s about marketing. Interestingly, something I…

The giving economy … an interview with Kevin Burkart

I recently stumbled across Kevin Burkart whilst listening to a podcast on BBC Sounds called Sideways, hosted by Matthew Syed. The episode is all about the giving economy, which is actually drilled into our DNA, as I blogged about recently. The summary is that before we trade, commerce and money, we lived in communities where helping…

The Brazilian star that is Nu

I was recently presenting in Brazil, and did a fair bit of research and networking about the FinTech scene there. The biggest story is Nubank, parent company Nu, the challenger bank that’s become one of the biggest and brightest in the world. Valued at close to $50 billion when they IPO’d in December 2021, the…

What’s your attitude towards money?

When I was a lad … OK, you can stop reading already if that’s going to be dealbreaker … when I was a lad, we had a holiday in Devon, a south-western county of England where my parents originated. There’s a lovely place there called Westward Ho! I have no idea why it has an…

Beware of powerful and ambitious Tigers amongst Big VCs

I shared a post the other day: It inspired FinTech friend and colleague Efi Pylarinou to write a post about it. Efi has kindly allowed me to share the post with you here … Beware of powerful and ambitious Tigers amongst Big VCs We are in the 6th month of the Water Tiger Year and…

What’s your focus: customer or profit?

Back in the day, a number of books were key to my management thinking. Books by Peter Drucker, James Champy and Michael Hammer, Ricardo Semler, Michael Treacy, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, and more. All of these books were about changing businesses to be customer focused, and one of the…

SWIFT may not exist in five years, according to MasterCard

The CEO of MasterCard, Michael Miebach, stated at a conference the other day that SWIFT might no longer exist in next five years. Miebach was part of a panel on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) at the World Economic Forum (WEF) but, as Shashank Bhardwaj writes on Forbes, once the panel was over a Mastercard…

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