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Are cryptocurrencies securities?

There is a huge debate around whether cryptocurrencies are securities or not. Should they be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or not? This has come to a head recently, as the SEC decided to tackle Ripple and Coinbase as deviants. Ripple Effects From SEC Suit Could Strengthen Coinbase Litigation Ripple v. SEC:…

Can you regulate crypto?

It’s interesting how countries and regions are responding to all of the interest in cryptocurrencies. The European Union is the latest to make a move with DAC8. What’s DAC8? It is the new eighth directive on administrative cooperation. That’s fun, isn’t it? The new Directive is all about tax transparency rules for any platform or…

EU crackdown on crypto

It’s interesting how countries and regions are responding to all of the interest in cryptocurrencies. The European Union is the latest to make a move with DAC8. What’s DAC8? Well, it stands for Directive on Administrative Co-operation. The European Commission has proposed new tax transparency rules for all service providers facilitating transactions in crypto-assets for…

Do we need a Worldcoin? $100 million says ‘yes’

With the wake up and shake up talk hitting the radar every day about AI, it should make all of us wake up and shake up when the person who founded OpenAI, the foundation of ChatGPT, launches a currency. The currency is called Worldcoin, and uses eye biometrics to operate and recognise identities. According to their…

Would you rather keep cash under the mattress?

After my blog the other day, about the issue with decentralised finance having a lack of governance – who do you call if you lose your bitcoin? – several readers responded by asking: who do you call if you lose your cash? But this is the point. People are using cryptocurrencies as an investment asset….

Is the dollar disappearing?

As the global superpower that I grew up with, America has dominated everything in my life. I’ve worked for American companies; I watch American movies; I use American tech for almost everything I do … in fact, as a Brit, I’m so American that the only thing I don’t do is pronounce a Z as…

Cryptocrime is why cryptocurrencies were invented

I was quietly annoyed by one of the headlines I saw the other day: Using crypto for crime is not a bug — it’s an industry feature It’s an attack on the whole idea of cryptocurrencies in an opinion piece by Financial Times columnist Jemima Kelly. She talks about being heckled for saying that crypto…

Banks need to be ready for hybrid money

Over the past years the financial industry has had a weird relationship with the cryptocurrency industry. The former was launched thousands of years ago; the latter just over a decade ago. Maybe that’s why. But, during my experience, we started with financial markets saying cryptocurrencies didn’t matter; then that the technology, namely blockchain, mattered but…

CBDC or cryptocurrency … it is your choice or, rather, your belief

I’ve seen so many updates about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) lately that it’s obviously an inevitability. Maybe … Bear in mind we have CBDCs and cryptocurrencies. Are the two in competition or complimentary? I think that’s a really important question. The question is: which do you trust more? Trust in CBDCs is that, because…

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