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The ugly, the bad and the good

It’s interesting that governments around the world have announced huge stimulus packages to protect workers, small businesses and life in general. Trillions of dollars. Great. The reality is that no one is getting it. You see these announcements and try to get hold of the bank to get the stimulus. …

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Doing digital with big banks

In the next few weeks Doing Digital, my newest book, will be finally live on Amazon and all good book stores. It’s the result of two years primary and secondary research and, to pay it its due, has been featured in many interviews with me recently. I’ll share many of …

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What does ‘digital transformation’ really mean?

Buzzwords. We have a lot of them. Artificial, autonomous, augmented. Big data, blockchain, bilateral. Crypto, currency, consensus. Distributed, decentralised, democratised. I’m tempted to write the ABC of technology buzzwords, but know there cannot be any that start with X or Z*. However, I’m writing this one today because the word …

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The true meaning of BaaS

Just spent a day chairing a payments stream at a conference. We talked about AI, biometrics, central bank digital currencies or CBDCs as everyone calls them, infrastructure, pipes, plumbing … you name it … but the bit that intrigued me was the views of Kristian Luoma from OP Bank, a …

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